OnBuy bedding savings in time for World Sleep Day

OnBuy bedding savings in time for World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day is an annual event, intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep, including medicine, education, social aspects and driving. This year it will be held on Friday the 18th of March.

Following the recent stormy weather and in advance of World Sleep Day, Snuggledown and Slumberdown are offering a huge 40% off all their bedding products at OnBuy. From climate control duvets to memory foam pillows, if you’re struggling for a good nights sleep OnBuy has you covered.

You might wonder why we’re writing about OnBuy’s discounted sleep products, but it’s notable as an example of how the marketplace is expanding it’s marketing and with two big name brands it’s something that should engage shoppers who are new to OnBuy. Expect to see many more similar promotional activities throughout 2022 as the marketplace comes out of a period of investment and building platform enhancements and turns once again to focus on growth.

If you are in the market for sprucing up your bed, here are some of the products on offer:

  • Slumberdown Made For You Two Duvet (4.5/10.5, Double) £18.60 RRP £31.00
  • Slumberdown Memory Foam Plus Pillow (Firm, 2 Pack) £22.80 RRP £38.00
  • Slumberdown Chilly Nights Winter Duvet 15 Tog Double £18.60 RRP £31.00
  • Slumberdown Wonderfully Warm Luxury Electric Blanket £39.00 RRP £65.00
  • Snuggledown Side Sleeper Pillow | Firm Support (Firm, 1 Pack) £15.00 RRP £25.00
  • Snuggledown Ultimate Luxury Duvet (10.5, King) £55.80 RRP £93.00
  • Snuggledown Freshwash Anti Allergy Pillow (Medium, 2 Pack) £18.60 RRP £31.00
  • Slumberdown Sleepwell Weighted Blanket (4Kg) £24.60 RRP £41.00
  • Slumberdown Feels Like Down Pillow (Medium, 2 Pack) £12.00 RRP £20.00
  • Slumberdown Climate Control Duvet (10.5, Single) £18.60 RRP £31.00
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