Myria launches marketplace for the richest people in the world

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If Tony Stark ordered his Iron suit components from an online marketplace, it would probably be Myria. A new marketplace of luxury services for Ultra-High-Net-Worth (UHNW) individuals and family offices has launched.

According to Myria’s founders the richest 300,000 people spend $1.3 million each on their lifestyle – but still lack access to what they want. The most sought-after services, experiences, and philanthropic opportunities are not available online. Myria puts those off-market opportunities at the fingertips of the richest people. I guess this is the sort of place where someone like Jeff Bezos could book space trip…

The vacation homes the wealthiest want to rent are unlisted. The doctors they want don’t practice at the local hospital. The concert and sport experiences they desire aren’t sold by ticket brokers. The restaurants they want to eat at have eight-month waitlists. The charitable opportunities that would inspire them aren’t easy enough to find.

– Rey Flemings, co-founder and CEO, Myria

The most sought-after opportunities are not online because off-market sellers have demands beyond money, including:

  • Only showing offers to pre-vetted, qualified buyers.
  • Charity and impact considerations.
  • Buyers with good personal brands that add value to the seller.
  • Only working with buyers who are trustworthy, easy to work with, and kind.

To ensure the quality of its network, Myria strictly vets everyone seeking to join the platform. Myria requires continual ratings and reviews of every member and seller. The company is committed to the prompt removal and banning of bad actors. Becoming a seller on a platform like this is certainly not a walk in the park but the luxury market is definitely a sector with plenty of promise.

Money can buy many things, but not everything. Myria is a circle of trust enabling our sellers to offer things to our members which cannot be offered elsewhere. Our product is designed to encourage Members to have more fun and lead more impactful lives.

– Rey Flemings, co-founder and CEO, Myria

The Myria marketplace focuses primarily on the following categories:

  • Experiences
  • Travel & Events
  • Security & Risk
  • Impact & Philanthropy
  • Medical, Health, & Wellness
  • Major Purchases & Sales (estate, marine, aviation)
  • Hiring & Staffing
  • Dating & Matchmaking

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