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Ever wondered what the most expensive items sold on eBay are? Well last month, Wholesale Clearance UK conducted research to find the top-grossing products on eBay of the last year, with sub-categories such as watches, bikes and fabric making the top 10.

Delving even further into the data, they wanted to discover not only which products had made the most money from total sales but find the individually most expensive items sold in each category.

Fashion was the highest-grossing category altogether, with four sub-categories featured in the top 10. But it was the sub-category of watches that was the biggest earner for eBay sellers, with £249.4 million grossed from the sales of 5.7 million items between 2021 and February this year. The Apple Watch Series 6 led the way as the most popular product, with total sales generating nearly £382,000.

However, one lucky seller made over £261,000 from the sale of one Audemars Piguet ‘Jumbo’ Perpetual Calendar Royal Oak Watch – making this the most expensive vintage item sold. Other big-ticket items in the fashion category include Pierre Frey Silk Fabric at nearly £2,000 for a single roll, an Elisa Cavaletti dress at over £8,000, a £6,000 Louis Vuitton T-shirt and some black Gucci Wimbledon suede thigh-high boots for £1,500. Interestingly, knee-high fetish boots were the most popular item in ‘Women’s Boots’, with over £108,000 made in sales over the last year alone.

‘Sports, Hobbies & Leisure’ was the second-highest-grossing category, with £209.9 million made from the sales of nearly 5 million bikes alone. While the most popular product was the Roadhog E-bike, with £186,000 made in total sales, it was the sale of one Bianchi Oltre Xr4 bike that made a single seller nearly double what they paid for it, at over £14,000.

With a global shortage of dumbbells amid the pandemic, the average reselling price was £51.76 for a set. One seller, however, sold their Jordan Dumbbell Set for nearly £4,000. Other items in the Sports, Hobbies and Leisure category which sold for eye-catching prices included a Les Paul Guitar owned by Les Miles from 1957/59 for £65,000 and a Harley Davidson Breakout Softtail Custom 2017 motorbike for just shy of £18,000.

In the third-highest-grossing category, ‘Home Garden’, tables were the most sought after item, with £168.8 million made from the sales of just over four million tables – the Rattan Corner Sofa proving the most popular. Yet, the sale of a Mark Stoddart Bronze Hippo Coffee Table earned one seller a tidy sum of £16,000. Rugs were also popular – with a Vintage Arts and Crafts Rug designed by Gavin Morton fetching someone over £10,000 – as were wardrobes, with a Louis Vuitton trunk sold for £13,500.

Meanwhile, the most expensive items in other categories included:

  • A one-off Coldplay ‘Champion Of The World’ 7-inch Vinyl that sold for over £11,000 in the Media category
  • A Gaming PC Asus Zenith li Extreme for £15,500 in Electronics
  • A 2007 two-pound coin featuring the 1807 abolition of the slave trade for nearly £65,000 in Collectables & Art
  • A Case Puma 125 Tractor 2014 sold for £56,000 in Business, Office & Industrial Supplies.

Do you have one of these items lying around that you no longer use? Now’s your time to get selling!

For more information, you can view the full study here.


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