OnBuy PayPal fee waiver for new sellers

OnBuy PayPal fee waiver for new sellers

If you’re not already selling on OnBuy, then now is the time to sign up as PayPal has launched a three-month deal to encourage new retailers to sign up and benefit from selling on the UK marketplace. The OnBuy PayPal fee waiver could save you up to £320 in fees across the two platforms.

The offer applies to all new sellers who sign up to OnBuy and integrate PayPal for the first time between May 5th and August 5th, 2022. PayPal has pledged to refund transaction fees accumulated during this period, while OnBuy has bolstered the deal making it a double whammy of savings, by offering free subscription fees for three months from the date of sign up.

This really is a great offer, OnBuy as grown explosively and sellers already on the platform report growing sales. Plus integration should be relatively easy as there’s full support with all the major marketplace management solutions.

OnBuy PayPal fee waiver offer

  • Get 3-months of OnBuy subscription fees worth up to £160 when you sign up between 5th May 2022 and 5th August 2022
  • Save up to £160 in PayPal transaction fees between 5th May 2022 and 5th August 2022 on PayPal Checkout or card payments with PayPal via the OnBuy platform on eligible transactions.

We are really excited to partner with PayPal to be able to offer this combined deal, providing retailers the opportunity to join our fast-growing marketplace at a reduced cost. OnBuy offers a platform with straightforward processes, no long-term contracts, buyer and seller protection, and a dedicated UK-based support team, offering retailers an easy, effective and valuable route to market

– Cas Paton, CEO, OnBuy

You can find out more about the OnBuy and PayPal deal, and full terms and conditions here.

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