Ranpak Next Generation Cut’it! EVO In-Line Packaging Machine

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Ranpak create some of the most extraordinary machines on the planet, and if you’re a fan of the “How do they do that” genre of edutainment you’ll be fascinated by their latest Cut’it! EVO in-line packaging machine. Plus, if you’re in the high volume ecommerce world these machines are a life saver.

What Ranpak have created is a packing behemoth that in about 4 seconds can scan a box to determine the highest point of the contents, cut excess cardboard and crimp the sides, fold on the crimp marks, slap and glue on a lid and spit out a package ready for shipping complete with tamper proof panels and tear off strips to make opening a breeze for the end customer.

The reason that high volume shippers love these (admittedly horrendously expensive) machines is the savings they can generate. Not only is 15 boxes a minute lightening speed, but your volumetric shipping bill is going to be slashed as each box will end up the minimum possible size for the contents. That’s not only enabling you to fit more boxes on a pallet and in a truck, but also is good for the planet as carriers can ship more orders in fewer trucks.

The cost savings don’t end with your courier bill however, another planet friendly impact is that you’ll no longer be filling boxes with needlessly wasteful void fill which, even if recycled paper, still largely ends up being thrown in the bin at worst or in household recycling at best.

A few key new features and capabilities for the latest, completely redesigned Ranpak Cut’it! EVO include improved reliability and productivity, and easier operation and maintenance. Additionally, online access to real-time data for insights into the operation, and online assistance enable technical support to directly access the system when needed. The system also features large transparent sliding doors that make it easy to observe inside the machine while it is operating as well as for ease of maintenance.

The Cut’it! EVO in-line packaging machine will be officially unvelied at LogiMAT, an international trade show for intralogistics solutions and process management, taking place on the 31st of May to the 2nd of June in Stuttgart, Germany.

If there’s one thing that might disappoint you about the Cut’it! EVO, it’s that its nigh on impossible to see a full in anger demonstration – At the show they’re likely to only power up the machine for seconds at a time as the sheer volume of parcels that can be packaged happens so fast that they’d not only fill their own exhibition stand in minutes, they’d be over-spilling their neighbours as well.

Having said that, if you’re shipping thousands of parcels a day, ask them to switch it on and imagine the Cut’it! EVO running 24/7 in your warehouse. I can almost guarantee you’ll be wanting to place an order. Just make sure you’ve got enough pickers to load in 7,200 parcels in an eight hour shift because that’s how many this machine will eat in a day.

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