Amazon Belgium slated to launch September

Amazon Belgium slated to launch September

News is out that Amazon Belgium will be the next country site to launch, slated to be live by September, well in time for the Christmas selling season.

Although a relatively small European country it’s densely populated with over 11.5m residents, making it attractive for distribution purposes as everyone is relatively close together. Belgium also punches above it’s weight with both the headquarters of the European Union and headquarters of NATO based in it’s capital city, Brussels.

According to Insider that broke the news, Amazon have 5 new countries planned to launch, Amazon Belgium this year, with Colombia and South Africa scheduled to launch in February 2023 and then Chile and Nigeria in April 2023. This info came from leaked internal Amazon documents so things could change or possibly already have changed as Amazon have yet to comment.

When Amazon Belgium does launch, fulfilment is likely to take place from neighbouring countries such as Germany France and The Netherlands, with a local based sortation centre due to open by the end of 2022.

It’s expected that Belgium will have Prime membership from day one, indeed some customers already have Prime through other Amazon country sites. Of more interest to sellers, FBA is likely to also be operational as soon as the site launches.

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