Meet Walmart marketplace in London on 17th June

Meet Walmart Marketplace and sell to US consumers

Walmart is the biggest retailer on the planet and the Walmart marketplace offers you access to their customer base of US consumers and you can meet Walmart marketplace and speak directly to their team at the Walmart Global Seller Summit next week.

If you are serious about selling to US consumers, Walmart marketplace is simply too big too ignore and the Walmart Global Summit is your chance to discover more with an introduction to the marketplace and to meet Walmart executives in person.

Of course you’re going to need some help and so both Linnworks and Payoneer will be at the event to assist you with managing your Walmart marketplace business and the financial side of selling in the US. Linnworks CEO Callum Campbell will be speaking as will Jonny Steel, CP Marketing at Payoneer.

You’ll also hear from Walmart’s Darren Carithers, SVP International Operations, Brooke Forrest, Head of International Marketplace Development, Grace Xu, Lead of UK Business Development, Tomas Ponce De Leon, VP Marketplace Seller Experience, and Justine Van Buren, General Manager of Home.

Register to meet Walmart marketplace

To attend the Walmart Global Seller Summit which takes place on the 17th of Jun at the QE11 in Westminster, you need to register in advance. The event is next week, so register today to ensure you get a place.

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Walmart are impossible to get live with. Tried with non US companies and US companies in each time you get a message saying 'Upon extensive review of your application, we’ve determined that your company is not a fit for Walmart Marketplace at this time' We sell on marketplaces all over the world and lots but apparently not right for Walmart so not sure why they are coming to UK? Can't make event as away but can we get a contact at Walmart to discuss this with

Martin • 7th June 2022 •