eBay Canada Trading Cards Image Scanning

New Trading Cards image scanning tool for fast eBay listing

There’s a new Trading Cards Image Scanning solution to get listings live in record time that’s launched on eBay Canada. The new tool streamlines listing for select collectible card games, enabling sellers to simply scan a card from the eBay app and create a draft listing, complete with pre-filled listing details.

The tool is currently available for Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokémon cards, with the goal of adding additional functionality as the tool rolls out.

If you are in the US, you’ll already have access to these features as it was launched just over a year ago. Now, Canadian sellers have access to trading cards image scanning to speed up their listing process.

Among our 185 million shoppers around the world we’ve seen unparalleled demand for trading cards over the past year, with four million more sold than the year prior. We’re actively listening to our growing community to invest in new enhancements, including leveraging computer vision technology and building a robust trading card catalog. Our new listing feature will not only create a faster and more convenient experience for our sellers, but will also provide more robust trading card inventory for shoppers – all while ensuring that the information in card listings is more accurate.

– Nicole Colombo, Head of Trading Cards and Collectibles, eBay

How to use eBay Trading Cards Image Scanning

  1. Open or download eBay’s app from an iOS or Android mobile device or tablet. Start your listing by typing a game name into the search bar (e.g., “Magic the Gathering”). When prompted, select “Tap to search with your camera.” 
  2. Point your camera at the card and hold to scan the card’s image. A list of possible matches will pop up, showing details that include game name, card title, card set, card number, rarity, card type, power and more.
  3. Tap the correct (or closest) match to pre-populate your listing with all of the card details.
  4. Add photos, the card condition, price and shipping to complete your listing.
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