How sellers capitalised on a breakthrough in science

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Just last week we were shown the best images of the universe seen so far, taken by the James Webb Telescope. It didn’t take long at all for sellers to begin capitalising on this breakthrough in science.

It’s been an interesting few years for mankind with science paving the way for new technologies and discoveries. Advancements in technology have meant that key events in life often shape how consumers behave online.

In our modern technological world, events can create a rift in consumer shopping behaviour and the transition online during the pandemic is a prime example. But it can also be pivotal moments that influence this such as with the James Webb Telescope.

Aside from the possibility of luring people into taking up stargazing or other space themed hobbies, the images from the James Webb Telescope have inspired sellers to create purchasable items featuring the new images of our universe. If it exists, you can probably find it on Etsy, Amazon or even eBay with the galaxy cluster SMACS 0723 pasted across it. If you’re wondering how they are able to do it, the simple answer is that images from NASA are for the most part in public domain, meaning there is little worry for copyright infringement.

If this increase in James Webb themed items has shown us anything, it is that print-on-demand and other on-demand services has given power to sellers. It allows them to evolve and adapt to consumer needs and desires, whilst enabling them to keep their own inventory management fairly stress free. Print-on-demand has seen a huge increase as people began creating their own businesses and is certainly an avenue for aspiring sellers to consider. There are many websites out there making it easy for sellers to offer customers products through print-on-demand with Shopify detailing their top 10 here.

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  1. Yeah won’t be long before we all need this telescope, to view the list of eBay item specifics it’s that long


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