WhatsApp Business messaging added to eDesk

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WhatsApp business solutions give you the power to connect with customers through messaging. Customers expect to be able to communicate on the platforms they prefer and with heavy integration into Meta properties, WhatsApp is a favourite for consumers.

For small businesses, you can use the WhatsApp Business App to communicate one-on-one with your customers throughout their purchase process, so they can shop with confidence. That’s great if you’re the only one that communicates with your customers, but what happens when you’re a larger business with a customer service team, any or all of whom might need to respond and see previous messages from other agents?

That’s where eDesk comes in – They have announced today that they will directly integrate with WhatsApp Business. This will enable eDesk clients to connect with their customers through the world’s most popular messaging platform, and centralise all conversations within their eDesk dashboard. This is the first time an ecommerce help desk software solution has integrated with WhatsApp Business. 

For ecommerce sellers, the integration means they can connect with their customers on the apps they use most. For sellers using WhatsApp Business, their customers can contact them in a convenient, familiar way, and agents get the ability to prioritise, assign and reply to all their WhatsApp messages from the eDesk mailbox.

eDesk clients include the likes of SuperDry, Seinnheiser, Suzuki, Pitstop Auto, and Right Deals UK, so you can expect in the near future many consumers will be able to access customer support from their favourite retailers via WhatsApp.

We’re thrilled to announce the WhatsApp Business integration today, allowing retailers to utilize eDesk’s platform to adapt to new challenges and provide excellent support to their customers on the messaging platforms they use the most. At a point in time where customer retention has become critical for the survival of online businesses, this integration will enable brands to leverage new channels to engage their customers.

– Dermot O’Connor, CEO, eDesk

The best way to engage with customers is to go to them, and WhatsApp is where they are. As the world’s most popular messaging platform, used by over 2 billion people in over 180 countries, it is in retailers’ best interests to leverage WhatsApp as a customer service channel. The partnership will allow eDesk users with WhatsApp Business accounts to easily support their customers, at no extra cost, from one inbox, and grow their business with the confidence that customer service in any language is covered everywhere they sell. 


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