UK Customer Service Insights for 2024: Balancing Satisfaction, Expansion, and Cost

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UK Customer Service Insights for 2024: Balancing Satisfaction, Expansion, and Cost

In a recent poll by involving over 400 customer service managers from multichannel ecommerce companies, their preferences revealed the ongoing need to balance multiple priorities through 2024.

When asked about their highest customer service priority in 2024 the results showed:

  • 39% ranked ‘Customer Satisfaction’ as their number one focus
  • 31% ranked ‘Cost Reduction’ on top and,
  • 30% said ‘International Expansion’ was most important.

This distribution highlights a critical balancing act faced by merchants as they navigate the current market challenges. Together with the need to continue to enhance customer service support leaders are tasked with managing costs plus supporting expansion into new markets.

As identified in the ‘ChannelX UK Amazon Sellers Report 2023’, marketplace customer
service is seen by most sellers as a key growth facilitator in 2024. The report highlights the range of day-to-day challenges facing CX leaders, including managing negative reviews, supporting ever-increasing volumes of enquiries and the scalability of their infrastructure. In addition to these ongoing challenges are the strategic priorities for the company.

1) Prioritising Customer Satisfaction (39%)

Given the fierce competition in the ecommerce sector, it’s no surprise that customer satisfaction remains a paramount concern. With 90% of consumers citing customer service as a critical factor in their shopping decisions, the pressure is on for companies to not just meet but exceed customer expectations. Strategies like centralised communications, AI-powered responses, and 24/7 support are not just nice-to-have anymore; they’re essential for survival and growth. UK merchants such as Wetsuit Outlet have already seen strong improvements in customer satisfaction from a concerted investment in new technology and processes, citing a 38% decrease in response times which in turn leads to improved customer ratings.

2) Innovating to Reduce Costs (31%)

Managing operational costs efficiently remains a close second in priority for customer service leaders. This focus is crucial, especially when 73% of companies with above-average customer experiences perform better financially. The use of unified help desks, AI-assisted responses, and automations offers a glimpse into how technology can streamline operations, reduce costs, and even improve service quality simultaneously. Success stories from brands like Sennheiser, which achieved a 61% reduction in response times despite a 24% surge in ticket volumes, exemplify the potential of these strategies.

3 Eyeing International Expansion (30%)

The ambition amongst UK sellers to tap into new markets is evident, with 30% of respondents prioritising international expansion. While challenges remain in the post-Brexit era, merchants are gradually getting to grips with selling into Europe. Leveraging strategies like AI multilingual support, integrations with regional fulfillment partners and easier access to local marketplaces are all key to unlocking global markets. With a reported 25% increase in revenue during the peak season of 2023 for sellers adopting international strategies, the incentive to expand is compelling.

The Path Forward

Speaking on the release of these numbers, Ray Nolan, CEO and founder of eDesk, said, “While customer satisfaction remains a key focus for support leaders, it is interesting that for 61% of managers, their primary focus this year is on cost management and expansion. We are hearing this on the ground too. In challenged market conditions, cost discipline is essential. But ambitious sellers are also focused on growth and this filters through to the support team. We’re seeing an ever-increasing adoption of AI-powered automations with over two-thirds of UK sellers now achieving 3-4x efficiency gains this year versus the same period last year.”

For Amazon and other marketplace sellers, the findings from eDesk’s survey underscore a critical narrative for 2024: the convergence of customer satisfaction, cost efficiency, and international expansion as intertwined pillars of ecommerce success. Implementing detailed strategies to navigate these priorities will not be a straightforward task. Yet, the promise of leveraging AI-powered technology to foster growth, enhance customer experience, and efficiently scale operations internationally is an opportunity too significant to overlook.


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