eBay adjust delivery dates for Her Majesty’s Funeral

eBay adjust delivery dates for Her Majesty’s Funeral

With Her Majesty’s Funeral taking place on the coming Monday, the 19th of September, eBay are treating it in the same way as other UK-wide bank holidays and will adjust delivery dates. There is no expectation of deliveries on Monday and so the 19th of September is excluded from the calculation of estimated delivery dates.

These measures mean that you will not need to manually adjust your despatch dates for Her Majesty’s funeral in order to set customer expectations – eBay will do this automatically on your behalf when calculating the estimated delivery date.

There are already protections in place between Monday 22nd August and Monday 19th September which will cover this additional bank holiday. These protections were put in place to cover the striking postal workers, although currently strikes have been called off out of respect for Her Majesty’s funeral.

eBay will automatically protect your performance for:

  • Your late delivery rate, which will be removed for transactions with estimated delivery dates between the above dates
  • Your “item not received” count in the Service Metrics dashboard, will be automatically removed. eBay will also remove any negative and neutral feedback relating to or arising from late or non-delivery during this period.

You may see late deliveries due to this on your seller dashboard, but they will be automatically removed within approximately 7 days. The same will apply to negative/neutral feedback. You should not need to contact Customer Support so if you have any dings on your account, hold back for a few days and if they qualify under the above criteria they should be removed in due course.

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Getting sick of all this now. Last 3 years has all been about making excuses to not work, for things to close, for events to be cancelled. Brits really don't want to get off their bums and do anything. Out of respect to the general public they should deliver the mail on Monday. Ps. Ebay only protects you between those dates IF the item is sent tracked.

Mike • 14th September 2022 • Reply to Mike