Unsold Amazon inventory to be returned

Unsold Amazon inventory to be returned Carrier and tracking information for shipping to Amazon FBA

Your unsold Amazon inventory might start to arrive back at your warehouse over the next few weeks. Amazon have announced that they’re clearing out their fulfilment centres in advance of Q4 and this means they will remove automatically remove your aged inventory unless you’ve opted out.

Unsold Amazon inventory will start to be returned from the 15th of September. If you’ve not provided a valid returns address, your unsold Amazon inventory could be disposed of.

Aged inventory refers to units that have been in a fulfilment centre for more than 365 days. Automated removal of aging inventory can help you save on aged inventory surcharges and improve your Inventory Performance Index score.

Frankly, if you have inventory that hasn’t sold for a year then it probably never will sell. At the very least you should be checking your pricing and the product information to determine if the reason your stock hasn’t sold is a simple presentation issue. If price and product data don’t solve the issue, then there’s no point continuing to pay Amazon to store your stock.

To have your aged inventory returned to you, go to Automated fulfillable inventory settings and provide a valid return address. Otherwise, your inventory will be automatically donated, recycled or disposed of.

You can opt out of automated removal of aged inventory,in the Automated long-term storage removal settings section, select ‘Disable’ to prevent your inventory from being returned or disposed of. Automated removals can’t be cancelled once they have been created so update your settings as soon as possible if you don’t want your unsold Amazon inventory returned or disposed of.

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