Amazon thousand-year ban overturned

An unprecedented Amazon thousand-year ban has been overturned for a prolific forum poster Kika after they fought to be to have their name cleared.

Anyone who has a marketplace ban might think themselves lucky if they only received a lifetime ban, and indeed if you have merely been on the receiving end of a trivial week or so time out suspension you really weren’t that disruptive in the grand scheme of things. An Amazon thousand-year ban is impressive, although for most people 100 years would probably be more than a life time unless you provoked a marketplace the day you were born and outlived the majority of your peers.

I guess Amazon believe that one day soon Cryonics will become a reality and they didn’t want to take the risk of a potential future resurrection. Maybe it’s even something the company are considering getting into as another diversification of their marketplace and retail business?

Kika wasn’t going to take it laying down however and mounted a campaign including flying around the world to Amazon offices including London, hoping to reach someone at the Amazon UK HQ holding placards in front of the building. She also flew to Seattle to protest asking for a meeting with the then CEO Jeff Bezos.

Now, Kika has won with the note below published on Amazon Seller forums. It’s a truly momentous step for anyone that believes they have unfairly received a marketplace ban. If an Amazon thousand-year ban can be contested than a piddling life time ban can definitely be appealed if you try hard enough.

Welcome back Kika! Hopefully Amazon will now reinstate you soon.

Rectification and Apology to Kika: A statement published by Amazon on her Forum profile alleged that Kika (Kristina Hajdukova) had so seriously spammed, blurbed, and disrupted the UK Forum that it merited a thousand-year ban from her participation in and use of the Forum. Amazon Services Europe S.a.r.l. acknowledges that this allegation about the ban was incorrect and defamatory and regrets and apologises to Kika for publishing this statement. We have reached a financial settlement with Kika. This message has also been published on her Forum profile @Kika

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Had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn't 1st April

Mike • 6th November 2022 • Reply to Mike

What a pity, she did spam the forums answering every single question with HER version of what she thought was the correct thing to do, she also shouted down others who disagreed with her

Patrick • 7th November 2022 • Reply to Patrick

Yes I saw the same myself. The forum has been a much more welcoming place since the eviction. I think the fact that one person would react in such an extreme way to a forum ban is evidence in itself of an unhealthy obsession.

Jayne • 10th November 2022 • Reply to Jayne

Don’t worry Jayne, I will see you and every single one of the trolls who got me suspended from the forum in court soon. There you will have the option to prove your point.

Kika • 11th November 2022 • Reply to Kika

This lady helped me on many occassions to resolve issues that Amazon would not help with. They should have employed her rather than banned her. The Amazon forums are full of seller in dispair as Amazon will not even speak with them, let alone deal with the questions or complaints.

Bez • 7th November 2022 • Reply to Bez

Thank you for your support. We are still negotiating with Amazon and everything is possible. It took me three years to gain their trust. Amazon’s lawyers had no idea there exists any forum at all when I served the lawsuit. I had to teach them everything.

Kika • 10th November 2022 • Reply to Kika

One persons spam is another's helpful posts. To me spam is randomly discussing or linking to content that is not part of the current discussion. I never saw Kika do that. Yes she was a (Very) regular poster but all I saw from her were posts attempting to help other forum users. She sometimes disagreed with others but was not alone in that, it's part of useful discussion. There are others on the forum that like to think they are the wise old members and don't like it when someone else steals there thunder. A couple of points about Amazon's statement though. 1. They say 'Amazon Services Europe S.a.r.l. acknowledges that this allegation about the ban was incorrect and defamatory and regrets and apologises to Kika for publishing this statement.' Interestingly, they do not say anything about overturning the ban! 2. I you visit Kika's profile, she is still suspended. 3. The Amazon message is not posted on her profile as they have stated. Read into that what you will!

John • 7th November 2022 • Reply to John

Hello John, please don’t worry, we are still negotiating and it is possible I will get reinstated on the forum. Amazon just doesn’t want people to think that they can achieve reinstatement using legal means. So they will wait for some time to pass before they reinstate me. Also, the text of Apology is chosen by the Defendant. Neither the Claimant, nor the court can force Amazon to improve the wording. Lastly, the message is posted in my profile:

Kika • 10th November 2022 • Reply to Kika

You are right, spam is subjective. People post to the forum to get a variety of views and to have one person monopolise view points and argue with any differing is disruptive and spammy. Thats my opinion, as you wrote yourself -you might have found the posts more helpful.

Jayne • 10th November 2022 • Reply to Jayne

It’s called jealousy, when you want someone banned for being the most prolific and reputable user. The forum is flooded with snarky trolls who are filling them with garbage 24/7, yet those won’t get suspended, unlike an empowered young woman. Don’t worry, every single one of you will get sued and compensating me for you did to me.

Kika • 11th November 2022 • Reply to Kika

Such a strange character. She did disrupt the forums amd if you post anything on her facebook page that even slightly suggests there may be another version of events then it gets deleted right away. Of course, it's her right to delete comments but it doesnt paint a true picture. It is a shame Amazon didnt want to bother fighting this as I am sure many would have stood up.

Jayne • 10th November 2022 • Reply to Jayne

I used to be the forum’s most respected and reputable member and never violated the forum rules in any way. My posts were professional, helpful, on-topic and appreciated by the entire Amazon Seller Community. The only users who had a problem with me were rival forum advisors (like you) who were jealous of my popularity, as they couldn’t compete with me and had to watch me being thanked and complimented all day long. The bullies (including you) created a cyberbullying website about me, where they presented their version of the story, which is currently at Superior Court of Washington. I will be seeking damages from every single person who harassed or defamed me on the forum. How dare you say that Amazon should have fought the lawsuit, when they vigorously fought in for 3 years and the settlement is not an agreement between me and Amazon. They lost the case and settled the amount of damages and manner of apology. There will be a public statement in court announcing my victory. If you were one of the bullies who targeted me on the forum or contributed to the cyberbullying website in any way, we will see each other in court.

Kika • 11th November 2022 • Reply to Kika

I am scared to make a comment incase I find myself in court.

Alan Paterson • 12th November 2022 • Reply to Alan Paterson