New AI automation for channel listing creation in BaseLinker

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New AI automation for channel listing creation in BaseLinker

AI automation and ChatGTP style features are coming to multichannel management tools to streamline product information management for brands and retailers. BaseLinker have announced BaseLinker panel – their first set of features based on AI automation, cutting hours of manual processes when listing on channels.

The new solutions are a combination of their own AI models, based on the millions of offers and products in BaseLinker, with open source and commercial models. This is a next step in the automation of many repetitive and routine tasks allowing for significant time savings.

The functionalities were presented for the first time at the BaseLinker Expo in Krakow, Poland, and attendees of that conference were given access to early beta testing. Now the AI functionalities are available to all BaseLinker users, in any subscription plan.

Product Attributes

Listing new offers on the marketplace also requires filling in product parameters. This is labour-intensive because each category contains a different set of parameters to be filled in. Parameter mapping has been available for a long time in BaseLinker, but this does not cover all cases, so human involvement remains unavoidable. Now BaseLinker, with the help of AI, will fill in many parameters on its own by analysing the descriptions and product attributes in the inventory.

You’ll still need to enter some parameters with custom data such as EAN, weight, length, but then the AI parameter matching function can take over which is available for all marketplaces.

AI product names and descriptions

One of the most time-consuming tasks in online sales is creating a variety of content to describe products. Presenting this information correctly and clearly plays an important role in the sales process – convincing customers to buy your product, building their trust and enhancing the brand image.

BaseLinker can now automate the task by clicking the ‘Generate’ button promoting the AI module to generate original product names and descriptions in any language. To create the content, the system uses all the available product information.


The algorithm can then select and generate a list of attributes itself based on all the product data it has. It is possible to create a completely new list of attributes or add new parameters to an existing list.

Bullet Points

Some sites, such as Amazon, require the seller to add a description in a special format – a list of short features called the bullet points. These are key listing elements, as they grab customers’ attention, reduce decision-making time and support the optimisation of the listing’s visibility on the platform and naturally BaseLinker have built in AI functionality to generate these for you too!

Translation, Images, Allegro & Bulk Editing

BaseLinker offers integration with the DeepL best translation tool with their new AI features enabling even better text generation in any language. The function allows you to create original descriptions, names and parameters as well as adapt the style of speech to the market, sales channel or target group.

Then for your images, in the Photos tab in the product card clicking on the scissors icon will cut out the background for those channels which stipulate white backgrounds.

When listing on Allegro, one of the mandatory information to be filled in is ‘category’. Until now, the solution to automate this process in BaseLinker was to associate a category from the warehouse with an Allegro category. Now, the AI model created by BaseLinker will match the appropriate Allegro category based on the product data. The operation can be performed individually on a selected offer or in bulk on all offers in the listing form.

Finally all the of the new AI functionality is also available for bulk editing. This is when the power of AI really comes into it’s own as activities that may have taken hours, days or weeks of work can be performed in minutes on a large number of products.

AI functionalities are now available free of charge as part of a BaseLinker subscription.


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