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OnBuy, has announced an brand new industry first seller referral incentive scheme that will allow anyone to financially benefit from introducing quality retailers to the UK-born marketplace. You can sign up to join the scheme here.

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What this means, is that regardless of whether you are a brand or retailer referring colleagues in the industry, a consultant advising ecommerce businesses, a channel provider referring clients, or simply a shopper on OnBuy referring your favourite retailer, you can generate an income with the OnBuy seller referral incentive scheme.

OnBuy is allowing literally any individual or business to take advantage of its seller referral scheme, which has until now, been reserved for industry affiliates only, and as Europe’s fastest growing ecommerce business the opportunity is open ended, the more successful the businesses you refer the more you’ll earn.

Anyone that refers a seller to the platform can receive approximately 10% of OnBuy’s revenue from the sales they make for the next 12 months.This could prove highly lucrative, especially if they refer a larger retailer or distributer that turns over a high volume of sales.

The innovation follows the recent launch of OnBuy Cashback, an industry-changing rewards proposition, which allows consumers to earn real money as they shop; choosing whether to spend the cashback accrued instantly on the site or withdraw it to their bank account 30 days from the last delivery date, providing they have a balance of £5 or more, making OnBuy the world’s first cashback marketplace.

We’ve always believed in being fair, and anyone who refers a seller to OnBuy, deserves to be rewarded, especially at a time when the opportunity to earn any extra income, or extra revenue, will be gratefully received.

We’re committed to improving the customer experience across our site by continuing to attract verified sellers that provide even more choice, quality products and an elite level of service.

Sellers that we acquire because of a referral tend to be of a high standard and we would rather invest in incentivising people to recommend retailers they know and trust, than plough budget into indiscriminate lead-generation or agency fees

After trialling a referral scheme for a few months, we saw huge success from the introduction of sellers and in return, a lucrative benefit for the referrer. We’ve decided to drive this programme out far-and-wide, as an industry first seller referral programme

The first individual or business to refer sellers to OnBuy are the first to get paid for the introduction! The race is on! And the commission lasts for 12 months! We already have referrals generating £10,000 of cash for each £1million of sales, being 10% of our revenue

OnBuy prides itself on working with sellers and championing their success. We connect them with over 6 million engaged customers; offer fair policies and fees, real people who are here to help and we don’t sell anything ourselves, so they’ll never have to compete with us

With loads of new initiatives to further improve our seller experience in the pipeline for 2023, this initiative is a win-win for all involved.

– Cas Paton, CEO ,


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