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Today, we take a first look at Brand Tailored Promotions, now available on, which let you create tailored discounts and offers for your past and prospective Amazon customers. We can expect expansion of this programme to Europe in the coming months.

Brand Tailored Promotion allows brand owners and selling partners to create exclusive discounts for customers who follow or buy from the brand. This helps you build loyal relationships with Amazon customers and increase conversions while maintaining or reducing overall promotional costs.

Brand Tailored Promotions are only available to registered brands owners on Seller Central.

You can tailor promotions to any of the below audiences. For example, if you select Repeat customers, the promotion will be available exclusively to repeat customers of your brand who have made more than one purchase in the last 12 months from the promotion creation date. Eligible brand can create tailored promotions for audiences with size of 100 or more.

AudienceDefinitionHow to engage
Repeat customersCustomers who have ordered your brand’s products more than once in the last 12 monthsThese are your loyal customers. Offer discounts to reward loyalty, deepen relationships, and grow repeat purchase.
Brand Cart AbandonersCustomers who have added any of your brand products to their cart in the last 90 days but haven’t bought yetThese are customers who were considering to buy your brand’s products recently, added to the cart but haven’t made a decision to purchase yet. Offer discounts to them and improve your conversion.
Potential new customersCustomers who have clicked on brand’s products or added to cart recently (90 days) but have not bought in the last 12 monthsThese are the high affinity customers who are most likely to make their first purchase from brand with a nudge. Offer acquisition discounts to convert them to make their first purchase.
High spend customersThe highest spending 5% of your brand’s customers in the last 12 monthsThese customers spend the most on your brand’s products.
Recent customersThe most recent 5% of customers who have bought from your brandThese customers have bought from you most recently.
Brand followersBrand followers have clicked to “follow” this brand on AmazonThese customers have opted-in to hear from your brand. They may or may not have bought from you previously. Offer follower discounts to encourage customers to follow you brand.

How to create Brand Tailored Promotions

  1. Go to Advertising and click Brand Tailored Promotions.
  2. Click Create a Promotion on the Brand Tailored promotion homepage.
  3. Select the brand and the audience you want to target. Each audience shows the audience name, description, and size of audience. Click Next.
  4. Add a Promotion Name (not visible to customers), discount %, budget, and promotion start and end dates.
    1. Percent discount must be between 10% and 50%
    2. Budget is the maximum spend for discount that will be used for this promotion
    3. The start date must be atleast 24 hours in the future.
  5. For all tailored promotion, the promotion will apply to the entire brand catalog for redemption on any one product per customer. We will soon launch the ability to select specific ASINs eligible for a tailored promotion.
  6. All tailored promotions will be enabled for display on detail page by default.
  7. Review the promotion and click Submit.
  8. Once the promotion is approved, it will be visible to the selected audience.


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