Temu fights scammers and Black Friday Deals

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Temu announces its fight against scammers

Temu, whose slogan “Shop Like A Billionaire” are promising that consumers can still afford all of their holiday shopping and not have to sacrifice rewarding themselves and loved ones this festive season.

According to Temu, products such as home decorations, Christmas-themed apparel, and a variety of gift items have been highly ranked in search terms on the platform leading up to year’s end. Items like Christmas tree decorations and festive lighting, which create a holiday atmosphere, are in particularly high demand, indicating a strong preference for traditional holiday adornments.

This interest is consistent with the general shopping behavior during the holiday season, where themed products often take center stage. Among the best-selling items, a three-piece Christmas-themed duvet cover set, for example, has been discounted to $13.89 from a usual price of $26.79, and a Christmas snowflake print half-turtleneck sweater is available for $19.97, down from $40.99.

We understand that every dollar matters to you. At Temu, you can find the right products at prices that respect your budget and needs. Save smartly this holiday season by shopping with us.

– Temu

Temu fight against scammers

Having grown phenomenally over the past year, Temu is also seeking the support of its customers in identifying and reporting scam websites and apps that impersonate the ecommerce platform for fraudulent purposes. The company also provided helpful tips to ensure a safe shopping experience during the holiday season.

With the rising popularity of our products and services, we’ve noticed the emergence of apps and websites impersonating our brand to cheat our customers. We have taken legal action against these fraudulent entities. However, the judicial process and expected delays in addressing the issue with the hosting platforms and cloud services mean the resolution may not be immediate. Therefore, we urge consumers to support our efforts by reporting any such fraudulent activities they encounter.

– Temu spokesperson

To address reports about fraudulent Temu websites, suspicious text messages or phone calls, consumers are encouraged to file a report with Temu. Additionally, consumers can file their complaints to the relevant authorities including the National Cyber Security Center and Action Fraud.

Types of Temu scam to avoid

Here are some of the common characteristics and techniques used by scam sites and apps:

  • Individuals report being contacted by someone claiming to be a courier, who then demands additional shipping fees.
  • There are cases where a seller, allegedly representing Temu, solicits payments through alternative methods, such as QR codes, e-wallets, or wire transfers.
  • Consumers have been deceived into making purchases and payments on websites or apps that closely mimic Temu, often accompanied by false notifications of winning a prize.
  • Unsolicited messages from unrecognized numbers have offered financial services or part-time jobs, requiring the recipient to provide personal details, including Temu account or transaction information.
  • Reports include receiving calls from unknown numbers that either request personal information verification or offer unsolicited refunds.

Temu say that they are a safe and secure platform for online shopping, featuring a wide array of quality merchandise at attractive prices, and that consumers can shop with peace of mind by checking that they are browsing on the official Temu website, and by downloading the Temu app from the official Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Temu also point out that they are a TrustedSite Certified Secure Site that adheres to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) when handling card data by encrypting data in storage and transmission. Temu collaborates with leading payment networks, leveraging their specialized security and authentication protocols — such as Visa Secure, MasterCard ID Check, American Express SafeKey, Discover ProtectBuy, and JCB J/Secure — to provide an additional layer of protection for its users.


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