Temu, Amazon, Shien daily active users comparison

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Temu, Amazon, Shien daily active users comparison

As Black Friday starts signalling that the peak retail season is well underway in the UK, mobile-powered consumer intelligence company GWS Magnify has revealed that Temu has continued its unbelievable growth in the UK, despite security concerns, reaching 5.4 million daily active users on its mobile app as of October 2023.

App engagement data was generated using Magnify, GWS’s mobile intelligence data platform. Magnify is comprised of key insights collected nationwide from consumers participating in their market research program. These real-life consumers use their phones and tablet devices as normal throughout the day, so the mobile analytics data GWS gathers provides the most accurate picture of the nation’s mobile connectivity experience.

Daily Active Users

Temu continues its mass growth in the UK, with the app seeing 5.4 million daily active users’ access in October 2023 in the UK, a growth of nearly a million and 20% when compared to its July figure of 4.5 million.

Shein saw just 1.9 million daily active users in October 2023, allowing Temu to hold bragging rights with 184% more daily active users throughout the month.

Meanwhile, Amazon has maintained its relative market dominance in the UK with 9.1 million daily active users on the app in October 2023.

Monthly Active Users

Amazon had ten million more monthly active users than Temu across October, with Temu seeing 15.2 million and Amazon 25.2 million respectively.

Shein had 7.3 million monthly users in October, holding somewhat steady since July when the fast fashion app had 7.8 million monthly active users.

Daily Minutes of Use

Despite Amazon remaining at the head of the pack for active users, Temu has surged well ahead of all competitors in terms of both total daily minutes of use and daily minutes of use per user.

In October, Temu had 120 million minutes of use per day compared to just 79 million for Amazon and 16 million for Shein.

When looking at daily minutes per user, Amazon and Shein users spent 8.7 and 8.8 minutes daily on the app respectively while Temu users spent well over two times as much than both Amazon and Shein at 22.4 minutes.

3 Responses

  1. I had not even heard of Temu a year ago and now it pretty much dominates our UK E-commerce landscape. It won’t just be the marketing it will be word of mouth…cheap, cheap, cheap. People are needing it cheap because the country is being run into the ground by the Governments, elites and corporates.
    Where are the likes of eBay.???.. overpriced paymore for less strategy going to get them.
    Am sure we will be hearing Amazon and the rest of the corporates have had a “bumper” record breaking Fake Friday sale to keep the shareholders happy but in reality they have taken a beaten from the likes of Temu. ( They keep you on the phone btw with buy more offers etc). Amazon will be well worried.

    1. I’ve only seen Temu in the adverts google, meta and microsoft thrust at me, but a lot of it seems like tat that people don’t really need. And a lot of it is very looky-likey items. Today I saw “Mineworld”, not Minecraft ,wink wink. And a not Johnny 5 from Short Circuit in not Lego building blocks. What were they ripping off the other day? Warhammer 40K, I think, just called space soldiers in their ad.

      I can see demand for that sort of stuff, sure, but some kids will be really disappointed if/when Father Christmas gets them knock offs this year. Meanwhile Amazon will happily be selling proper Lego, hand over fist.

      Temu just seems like they’ll be another Wish (who?) Very big noise for a bit, but then….?

  2. It’s true that the platform has seen impressive growth in a relatively short time. While some consumers may be drawn to Temu’s low prices, others may prefer the convenience and reliability of more established platforms like Amazon or eBay. ……


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