How to push your Amazon Products straight to Google Shopping

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How to push your Amazon Products straight to Google Shopping

Over the years, ecommerce businesses have grappled with a recurring question: “Is it possible to leverage Google Shopping for Amazon products?” Until recently, it was impossible. Since you were not the owner of, you could not put your Amazon products on Google’s shopping platform. Times have changed, thanks to BrightBridge from BrightBid. Now, you can seamlessly utilize Google Shopping ads to direct customers straight to your Amazon product pages. Let’s see how it was made possible. 

The Roadblocks for Seamless Connection between Google Shopping and Amazon

Amazon store owners can benefit from using Google Shopping Ads by reaching a wider audience beyond the Amazon platform, utilizing targeted advertising to increase conversions, and driving external traffic to Amazon. Google Shopping Ads also offer enhanced product visibility, detailed analytics and insights, and the ability to adjust bidding strategies and budgets to remain competitive. Additionally, cross-promotion opportunities can boost sales and enhance brand visibility for Amazon store owners.

The main hurdle in achieving a smooth connection between Google Shopping and Amazon was the complex task of verifying domain ownership. Google, in its commitment to providing a secure and reliable online shopping experience, required shop owners to verify their ownership of the domains associated with their products. 

However, verifying ownership of the domain, which belongs to the massive ecommerce giant Amazon with its vast product catalog, presented a unique and formidable challenge. The intricacies involved in ensuring the authenticity of such a prominent and multifaceted domain became a major roadblock for the integration of these two ecommerce powerhouses.

Furthermore, this obstacle also caused frustration for users. Many customers, who were used to the convenience of using Google Shopping as their go-to platform for product searches, were left puzzled when they couldn’t find Amazon products in their search results. This disconnect disrupted the seamless experience that users expected, as they had to switch between platforms to find the products they desired. 

The absence of Amazon products from Google Shopping search results not only inconvenienced users but also disrupted the cohesion that a unified shopping experience should provide. BrightBridge solved that issue.

How BrightBridge enabled direct access to Google Shopping for Amazon Sellers

BrightBid’s solution, BrightBridge, tackled the challenges hindering smooth connections between Google Shopping and Amazon. It automatically creates a Google Shopping feed using Amazon products, sidestepping the hurdle of verifying the Amazon domain. This streamlined approach eased the integration process.

BrightBridge’s use of a reliable CSS for advertising on Google Shopping added a layer of security and compliance, ensuring ads are displayed effectively. Its user-friendly interface simplified the creation and optimization of Google Shopping campaigns. This not only addressed the initial domain verification obstacle but also provided an ongoing solution for managing campaigns efficiently.

A key strength of BrightBridge is its comprehensive reporting. It consolidated Google Ads and Amazon transaction data in one place, giving users a clear view of their campaign performance. This integrated reporting enhanced transparency and empowered shop owners to make informed decisions.

Moreover, BrightBridge facilitates compliant customer data tracking between Amazon and Google Ads, ensuring privacy regulations are met. This not only eases privacy concerns but also contributes to building a transparent and trustworthy environment for both sellers and buyers in the interconnected Google Shopping and Amazon ecosystem. 

So after you connect your Amazon, Google Ads, and BrightBid accounts, you will be able to:

  • Get rid of manual work related to product feed management: BrightBridge simplifies the process by automatically creating your Google Shopping product feed. This removes the need for manual effort and ensures your full range of products is efficiently displayed on Google Shopping.
  • Use BrightBridge’s user-friendly interface to effortlessly create and launch your first Google Shopping campaign. No need to worry about technical hurdles – the platform guides you through the process.
  • Use BrightBridge to optimize and track performance. The reporting dashboard consolidates key data from Google Ads and Amazon transactions, empowering you to make informed decisions and increase your Amazon sales.

To succeed as an Amazon seller , you can now easily connect Google Shopping with BrightBridge  in 6 European markets (UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands) . You will be able to reach a significantly wider audience, ultimately be more visible, and get useful data. By using BrightBridge, you can increase revenue, get customers directly from Google, and avoid depending on a single platform, ensuring long-term success for your business.


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