Meet the woman behind a 6-figure health snack brand Kooky, selling on Amazon

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Meet the woman behind a 6-figure health snack brand Kooky, selling on Amazon

Today we speak to Aline Burgmann, and discover how 2021 start up Kooky turned freeze-dried snacks into a six figure business that’s still rapidly growing… and it all started with a conversation at the school gates!

Who are you and what is the background of your business?

I’m Aline Burgmann, the co-founder of Kooky – an award-winning brand specialising in exotic, freeze-dried fruits. Together with my co-founder, Deena, we launched Kooky in the summer of 2021, producing a range of freeze-dried fruits from my native home of Thailand.

I’ve always been extremely fond of exotic super-fruits, and Mangosteen is my absolute favourite. I always looked for it in shops, but it’s very hard to find. It’s either really rare or only available in expensive speciality stores. That’s why I made it my mission to make this fruit more accessible and affordable, all while being sustainable.

Our current line of freeze-dried snacks includes mangosteen, dragon fruit, jackfruit, mango, durian and banana – fruits specifically chosen for health benefits – dried in a way that is scientifically proven to keep over 90% of the nutrients in the fruit, as well as their uniqueness and awkwardness. I’m always attracted to very unusual things, hence the name Kooky.

How did your business initially get started?

I first met my future co-founder, Deena, while we were both dropping our daughters off at school. We began bonding over our similar heritage, specifically over our love for exotic fruits. We talked about the inaccessibility of these fruits in the UK and how we were looking for healthier snack options for our kids. We noticed a gap in the market that had to be filled, and from there Kooky was born.

At Kooky, we place sustainability at the heart of our business. From day one, we have strived to become a B-corp business, which we’ve now achieved. For a small business like us, making decisions driven by purpose isn’t usually the most obvious choice, especially economically. However, we felt it was something that we couldn’t compromise on. Not only do we freeze-dry our fruit at the source to reduce waste and carbon emissions, but we also make sure that we minimise fruit waste, so the parts that are inedible for humans are used as feedstock to local farm animals. We have this thing called the “Kooky Sustainability Circle”. Essentially, anything we extract from Mother Nature, we aim to return, completing the circle.

What is the current size or scale of your business today?

We currently have a small team based in the UK, as well as a team in Thailand with our manufacturer. Since the launch of Kooky in July 2021, we’ve continued to grow at a steady pace. For the 1st quarter of 2024, our sales reached nearly 40% of what we achieved in 2023.

In what ways has Amazon played a role in helping your business grow?

Amazon has provided a solid foundation for us to grow, with around 20% of sales coming from our store. Amazon has been great at supporting small businesses like us because it has so many different programmes, such as Fulfilment by Amazon, that are designed to help us succeed. Through FBA, Amazon takes care of our shipping and storage and has provided next-day shipping. This has streamlined the entire process and cut costs, which has allowed us to put more time and money back into improving our products. I would have joined earlier if I could – it’s a fantastic place for people to try our products.

What do you envision for the future of your business?

We hope to continue to grow and expand into new markets, particularly by exporting to Europe through Amazon. We also aim to continue being a purpose driven brand by finding new ways to be sustainable and continuing to partner with charities such as Women for Women International, which supports women caught in the crossfire of war. We want to keep spreading Kooky’s core values of H.E.A.L.T.H which stands for health, empowerment, authenticity, revolutionary, taste, and sustainability. Ultimately, we want to continue providing delicious and healthy snacks to families around the UK.

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