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eBay UK sellers should be aware – if they’re not already – that Checkout is not calculating postage for multiple purchases correctly. I first became aware of this around a week ago when a buyer demanded to know why I was charging her double my stated postage cost. Over the course of the next few complaints, it seemed that buyers of more than one item from the same BIN or SIF listing were charged the “first” postage price again, rather than the “additional item” charge.

Numerous threads on eBay boards revealed that I was not alone: it seems that a fair few of us have spent most of the week sending out revised invoices, refunding overpaid postage, and getting accused of postage profiteering. However annoying that might be, it could be worse; other sellers are finding their buyers are being *under*charged. Julianne from Toy Town Express had a customer charged just £2 instead of £9.50: she said “it doesn’t even cover first class, and they want a courier delivery!”

The latest word from eBay is not hopeful for a quick fix:

As you are probably aware, this is currently a site issue at the moment. Our technical engineers are still working hard to resolve this issue but at present there is no further updates available regarding this problem.

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  1. Glitches like this are happening more frequently then ever before. I place the blame solely on the new CTO who came over to eBay from Wal-Mart. eBay seems to develop its applications on the fly.

    The damage done from a seemingly simple glitch can put major financial pressure on a small business. eBay, in my view, should spend some of that $3 billion in cash they have in the bank on fixing the problems with the eBay platform.

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