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So you hang around on eBay, you buy a few items, maybe you sell a few (or a lot). Because you know eBay you’re probably vaguely aware of Stumbleupon, the discovery site bought by eBay. Well they’re not the only social bookmarking site, there are loads of them. If you look at the bottom of any post on TameBay you’ll see a “Share This” link which allows you to easily bookmark the post on your favourite site.

Well one such site is Reddit. As with many tech sites it was started in a back bedroom (Think eBay with Pierre Omidyar banging away building some strange site called eBay). They had to call it something so Read It (or reddit) seemed reasonable, and off they went, tapping away, on their two Apple G4 Powerbooks.

Well the good news is they flogged the company and made a few quid, so now they’re flogging their laptops. If you fancy a couple of Apple G4 Powerbooks neatly adorned with reddit stickers go get bidding. 100% of the proceeds go through eBay for Charity to the American Brain Tumor Association, (ABTA)

I’m not sure if Pierre ever sold the PC he started eBay on (or if he still has it?) but I wonder just how much it would fetch at auction – a fair few dollars I’d bet!

Now if you’re not in the market for Apple laptops but enjoyed reading this post click the “Share Me” link at the bottom and tell others about it. In fact if there is any post on TameBay that you liked, share it and tell the world! The great thing is if you start social bookmarking you find reccomendations coming back from others and who knows what you’ll Stumbleupon once you’ve reddit



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