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eBay feedback is a great way for buyers to assess how good a seller you are, but it doesn’t distinguish between domestic and international sales. When a buyer considers a purchase from another country often they want to know that you are willing to ship to them and that you’re an experienced international seller.

MyStoreMaps is a powerful graphical way to demonstrate to buyers that not only are you happy to ship to their country, but that you’ve shipped to their country or to neighbouring countries in the past.

I always think the best way to sell is to think like a buyer. If I see a seller has shipped to the UK in the past I can be confident in purchasing from them. Having MyStoreMap on a sellers listing instantly shows me they are an accomplished international seller and visibly demonstrates the breadth of their cross border trading.

We spoke to long term MyStoreMaps user Steve from astrobits-uk, who told us about an american buyer living in Japan looking for Blue Tac

“Apparently you cannot get Blue Tac in Japan, so he went onto eBay to find some. He specifically chose to buy from me because he could see at a glance that I have shipped to Japan in the past. People from other countries don’t need to look at my feedback see this, its all there on the map for them to see.”

MyStoreMaps Astrobits-UK

MyStoreMaps rotates through four screens:- Europe, America, Other Countries and International payment, postage and returns information. About 10% of all eBay sales are International transactions and buyers want to know if you will ship to their country or area. MyStoreMaps tells them instantly that you’ll ship to them and that you’re experienced in cross border transactions.

MyStoreMaps have a great offer for TameBay readers, eighteen months of MyStoreMaps in your eBay listings for the price of twelve. Even better they are so confident that MyStoreMaps will increase your international sales that they offer a 1 Year 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you decide MyStoreMaps isn’t winning you additional sales you can cancel, right up until the 364th day, with a full refund.

The cost is minimal and starts from just $9.95 per year, if you sign up through TameBay that’s just $9.95 for eighteen months. At current exchange rates that’s only a fiver, so you have absolutely nothing to lose!

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