Royal Mail strike for next five days

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For anyone who’s not realised up until now there’s a nasty shock in store when they go to the post office today. Royal Mail are striking from midday today until Wednesday next week. Officially the strike action is Thursday 4th – Saturday 6th October and Monday 8th – Wednesday 10th of October, any postal worker whose shift starts after midday today is unlikely to be working if they’re a member of the CWU union.

This is going to be a tough time for eBay buyers and sellers alike, and the best advice is to keep in touch with your trading partners and keep them informed of when their parcels are posted.

If at all possible use a courier in preference to traditional mail services. ParcelForce can be accessed through eBay’s own PayPal shipping, they won’t be striking. For a lower cost service Pay Per Parcel launched this week offering services through DHL. Both companies will collect from home and you can book parcel deliveries online without needing an account.

If you are subscribed to Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro it’s possible to bulk email buyers each day to keep them updated on the days you’re posting, if you’ve diverted their parcel to a courier delivery and of course just to remind them there is likely to be a severe delay with their mail.

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    What in the hell is their problem?! If they dont like the GOD DAMN wage, then f**k off to another job like EVERYBODY else does.

    this is going to screw me over big time.

    Bunch of stupid lazy tossers.

  2. Fxxk this shit! Royal mail workers strike 3 times a year! what the hell is going on with this country? I will never use their service again period.

  3. I fully agree, what a bunch of tossers. Post Offices are closing down all the time, business have been moving away from using Royal Mail parcels. And why is that ?
    Because they offer a crap service & go on strike, what a way to look after your customers.

  4. To David, Joe and Mike. Before you make these crass, ignorant and ill-informed comments you need to get the facts straight. They are not striking about money but conditions. I’ll bet noone is trying to screw around with your jobs (if you have one) and terms. I am suffering through this strike, being a big mail user in business but I understand their issues. Why don’t you try doing their job, then you’d know what it was like instead of sitting at home making no-brain guffaws!

  5. your jobs (if you have one)
    Not really a good jibe to make around here, Mike. A very high proportion of our readers are likely to be self-employed: we don’t have the safety net of jobs, salaries, pension schemes, unions etc. This is our living, directly on the line: and while it may have been expressed a little inelegantly, I can completely understand the anger that David, Joe and Mike feel.

    And I would have thought that pay rise plus pension – the two issues the CWU were talking about yesterday – are exactly about money.

  6. What the hell is going on there with these f**kers
    And Gordon brown is not doing anything to resolve this matter which is affecting all the country ,all he is worried about f**kin winning next election

  7. WTF royal mail are the biggest wankers in thw whole world i thought they were number 1 seems to be number 1 at being the biggest tossers ever fuck you royal mail u lazy useless cunts you suck!!!

  8. Hold your horses, i am married to a post man and beleive me losing a lot of money in salary by coming out on strike to guard their working conditions is no joke , you all forget postmen & post women do not get paid for their imperative strike action.they don’t come out because they fancy having a go at their employers they HAVE NO CHOICE . before you all think selfishly about yourselves try and think as to why they have come out on strike and how we as families will manage with the loss of wages . typical morons haven’t a clue what your on about …

  9. Lisa – your hubby has a choice. He choses to strike. Lets also turn that ‘selfish’ tag around. Did your hubby think about the livelihoods of anyone who relies on RM to earn a living? Doubt it. So I’ll bet I’m not alone in not giving a shit about your hubby’s lot either. I’m getting the strong impression you and your hubby didn’t stay on at school did you? If you had, hubby would be better able to get another job and you would type more articulate blog replies.

  10. Hey guys, lets not start getting personal 😮
    At the end of the day I’m not particularly enamoured with the posties striking, in fact as it directly affects my income I’m pretty peeved with the lack of service. I do wish the Royal Mail was similar to the United States Postal Service in one respect though, and that’s that the USPS are banned by law from striking!

  11. Lisa, something you might like to consider. The post below (taken from an ebay forum) sums up what many businesses of all sizes across the UK are now doing..

    “We are talking to TNT at the mo about putting our mail business with them. Another 40 odd grand a year for RM to lose. That will be a couple posties out of a job then. Do they have any idea what they are doing to themselves and their families?”

  12. I do not believe how the RM can hold so many tens of thousands of businesses ransom, effecting millions of hard working self employed people – for what is an internal problem for them!!

    If you want a higher salary/different working conditions – move jobs! dumb shits. These strike actions will have the effect of sending the RM into further problems as customers move to other mail companies! DUHHH


  13. Lisa, and all other posties/partners of posties: there is always a choice. For one thing, you could force your union to get back round the table and talk. You could face up to the necessity of modernisation. You could consider that if you keep striking, then more of your colleagues’ jobs will go.

    You’re suffering? So am I. This action is costing me around 50% of my income, at a time when my income should be increasing dramatically just before Christmas. So don’t call me and others like me selfish: I’m not the one taking bread out of other people’s children’s mouths.

  14. Sue Bailey,
    I don’t think nobody seriously gives a shit about your position on all of this,the fact is your husband is ruining peoples jobs and life’s so don’t start bitching about yourself , they clearly stated your husband is a no good child that goes on strike whenever he can’t get his own way life all the other post workers , the attitude of a spoilt 8 year old.
    If you have a problem with what your husband is doing then perhaps you should consider leaving the stupid prick.


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