More changes to eBay UK search results

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eBay UK are making yet more changes to search functions on the site. Users in Antiques, Crafts and Dolls and Bears will see search results based not only on title and description, but on the category itself, item specifics, misspellings and common abbreviations and acronyms.

At first glance these changes might seem sensible, but many sellers will be asking why eBay make these critical changes – or worse, run tests! – at the busiest time of the year. Right now, all anyone should be doing is selling. So next year, can we please have a moratorium on tests and site changes from October to January?

Updated to add: This change has been rolled back for technical reasons. eBay weren’t able to confirm if it would stay rolled back until after Christmas, but my fingers are crossed 😉

6 Responses

  1. Until ebay employees feel the financial hurt of them arsing around and changing things it will never improve.

    Easy to make a mistake when your salary still gets paid into the bank.

  2. its pc gone wild I agree with mark, why not just make subtitle title searchable and cheaper,

    or even just title searchable if an itemi cant be found then either ebays search engines stupid or the buyers is

  3. ebays contracters and programmers dont make money from simple easy answers

    who ever thought up and coded item specifics and flogged the idea to ebay,
    is making to much money

  4. I cant understand why ebay dont push subtitles more,
    the features tried and tested, it makes your item stand out more on a results page, if subtitle increased findability and were fully searchable, it would be even more cost effective and usable



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