Royal Mail announce 2008 pricing

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Royal Mail have just announced their new prices for 2008/2009, which is not likely to be good news for anyone. First and second class letters go up to 36p and 27p respectively; Recorded Delivery will be 74p and Special Delivery will start from £4.60.

Perhaps more likely to affect eBay sellers are the Large Letter and Packet tariffs, which are both up: for the popular 100g-250g tranche, prices will increase to 78p and £1.45 respectively. On the heavier end of the scale, packets between 2kg and 4kg will now be £8.22, or £6.85 via Standard Parcels.

For those spending less than £15,000 on post annually, collections leap in price to £450 per annum, though they will remain free for those spending more than £15k. There are discounts for businesses with accounts on most of the RM tariff, so if you are sending more than the odd packet here and there, it’s certainly worth visiting the postal MOT centre and seeing where you could save.

The full tariff can be read in pdf format on Royal Mail’s website.

6 Responses

  1. Must admit I’m feeling a tad pissed off today with anything to do with postal prices. My PO is due to be closed any day now, so I’m going to have to pay for a daily collection of £280 a year which I now find will go up £450 next time, RM are increasing prices in April, OK it happens every year but this year it’s taking the mickey. Then to top it all eBay’s new dumb ass policy and messing with searches according to DSR ratings.

    All this extra money and I’m sitting here worrying about increasing P&P by a few pence just in case ebay start REALLY start messing with DSR/searches.

    Merry Christmas? pah, humbug. 🙂

  2. Good grief! £170 raise in collection fees, over 62%! If you work it out on a per collection basis it’s not so bad, however such a massive price hike should not be allowed in one fell swoop.
    If they put up the price of first class stamp by 62% there would be a public outcry. Royal Mail kicking the small business (possibly the largest user of their services?) yet again.

  3. every house and business in the UK has a postie deliver to it or near it every day why £480 or even £1 why cant outgoing mail be collected at the same time?

    we have our mail collected , the postie does not make any special trip hes collecting mail from the various post boxes in the area at the same time

  4. argh !! i have just signed up for collection hopefully i will be charged the £280 rate they will go up in april??


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