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eBay are webcasting the keynote speech from tomorrow’s ecommerce forum, the annual meeting of top US sellers. It’s expected there’ll be some pretty big announcements: fees, trust and safety initiatives, search/finding and feedback are all rumoured to be on the table. So while we wait – what would you like to see JD announce, and why?

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  1. My accountant would like an invoice that isn’t 486 pages long, he was over the moon when I left eBay last year, he is less than impressed after brunch last friday that I am going back. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Assurance that all sellers with “I am not responsible” text anywhere in a listing are made to read the DSR’s and to change listings accordingly.

    Assurance that everyone is registered for the appropriate taxation (after all, even those who say they don’t do it for profit have to prove they don’t do it for profit).

    Fees? If ebay sort that lot out fees won’t matter as much because if you get rid of the undercutters, tax dodgers and unlawful sellers fees will become better value through more and higher value sales.

  3. Business as usual Please,
    I have no complaints or problems that really matter
    ebay give me the buyers ,thats all I need

    its upto me after that

  4. a)total fees to be down not just listing but FVF as well

    b)introduction of Customer Service agents who actually read the emails they receive would be really helpful…. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  5. Tat like ebooks is, Whirly – I meant tat like badly-priced, badly-listed tat that could be listed on an off-chance that a drunk buyer might buy it. In other words, I want them to keep some kind of listing fee because as Richard Ambrose famously put it, listing fees are your disincentive to list rubbish.

  6. even ebays customer service is not a problem for us, we know we need to fight our way thru the first line of defence
    after that its quite good

  7. eBay’s CS isn’t a problem often for me because I expect them to be bad. However, I think it’s a problem for *them*: e.g. I recently reported a seller whose eBay Shop front was basically one big advert for their website. It must have been costing them a lot in lost fees. Support’s response was to tell me that I mustn’t use the PS Support email to report such things, but go through the webform. The webform doesn’t have a facility for reporting anything other than listing numbers. So I won’t bother reporting such things again. So they’ll lose even more revenue. No skin off my nose though ๐Ÿ˜†

    (I haven’t yet had a response to my question of where on the webform they want me to report it…)

  8. Well eBay CS is a nightmare for me on my personal account.
    The only way I can even get a vaguely sensible answer is to sneakily ring them with my PS account details when the boss isn’t around – I pity those who do not have this facility. And even the PS Support Team indulge in practices both unhelpful & illegal because UK law does not tie in with policies laid out in San Jose.


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