eBay Australia announces a fee change

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And the prize for the simplest fee restructuring goes to eBay Australia who from 20th February will be making the Picture Show feature free. Currently costing 50c a listing, Picture Show enables buyers to browse your item’s pictures or run them in a slide show at the top of the item listing. Sellers using Picture Show will still have to pay 25c for eBay to host every picture apart from the first, however, so perhaps this isn’t quite the bargain you might hope for.

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  1. how exciting is that!!!



    Were Aussie prices lower than US and UK in the first place then? I have a feeling that they (I know New Zealand and Holland do, not sure about Oz ) have more competition as well in the form of good national auction sites? Strange…

  2. No, the Aussie prices weren’t lower. In fact, Australia got hit THE hardest with the store fee hike of 2006. Americans were shocked to see how Aussie fees had gone up.

    Now they’re going to give a freebie on a feature that very few Australian sellers even USE… Hooray.

    I’ve been waiting to see what they were going to do, as I’ve got a few thousand dollars worth of stock to liquidate, but I think I’ll give them a miss. You can see how much they appreicate their sellers.

  3. Bonni, do you have a national auction like TradeMe in NZ?

    Looking at the NZ ebay site, it would appear to be a part of .com and therefore will have the same new fee structure, so even more galling that Oz is not offering anything at present. 😕


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