eBay Spain announces compulsory Gallery

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eBay Spain have announced their new fee tariff effective 4th March.

Compulsory Gallery

The biggest change is that Gallery is no longer a seperate option, but will be included automatically in every listing. Insertion fees have been slightly increased, so sellers who were not using Gallery will see an increase of €0,05 to €0,15 per listing. Those who were already paying the Gallery fee will most likely see no price change, though those in the very cheapest tranches will save €0,05 to €0,10 per listing.

Gallery will also be included in Stores listing fees. Rather than being a seperate item at 5c a month, all Stores insertion fees have been increased 5c, so again, those who were not already using Gallery will see a fee increase here.

Most listing upgrades have also been increased in price.

No more negs

Other changes announced by eBay Spain are broadly in line with those going on across the whole group: no more negative feedback for buyers, and best match search results which include seller feedback as a criterion in their ordering.

If you want to have your say or if you have questions, Diego Mosquera, Director of Business Development eBay.es and Klaus Gottschlich, Director of Strategy for eBay.es will be in the forums on 21st February: you’re invited to email in any questions in advance.

In the meantime we’d love to hear from any Spanish sellers on what you think of the changes, and how things are on eBay Spain.

And a special note because Randy will want to know 😉 – eBay Spain does not have a specific tariff for media categories.

2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    Just a comment – we’ve been operating on eBay ES for over 2 years and would recommend it. As a seller in 6 different eBay marketplaces you do see different attitudes and recurring issues – but Spain is fairly hassle free.
    And we’ve found the eBay ES team really helpful as well whenever we had questions.

    Pat Sherlock


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