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I’ve just seen the latest edition of “In the know,”, the magazine which is sent to buyers, with an inside view of what’s happening at eBay and tips on smarter ways to buy.

I love the top three search tips

  1. Deselect items with a minus sign eg SKIRT BLACK -WOOL searches for black skirts not made of wool
  2. Quotation marks to dual words eg “NEW YORK” won’t pull up results for “new” or for “York” on their own
  3. Multiple searches with a comma in brackets eg (“SHOULDER BAG,HANDBAG”) will search for shoulder bags and hand bags at the same time.

It’s well worth experimenting with your favourite search strings to find just the items you want and exclude the ones you’re not interested in.

The eBay challenge, which two buyers took up, was to find a fresh spring look on eBay for under £100. There really are some bargains to be had on the site if you go looking for them.

There were plenty of other articles including a collector of Thunderbirds memorabilia and an introduction to the Community Member of the Year – Peaseblossom.

Best of all is a coupon code for £5 off when you spend £10 and pay with PayPal, a great excuse to get buyers buying!

7 Responses

  1. I like the one that encourages buyers to look for listings that have spelling mistakes in the title 🙄 perhaps if eBay took a more proactive approach a spell checker could be incorporated into the Title bar, thus improving the items visibility and FVF for eBay, instead of “lets take whatever we can get” attitude

  2. How would one go about getting the £5 discount? Does anyone know the coupon code or is it specific to each buyer?

  3. Hi Rosie, I believe that knowing the coupon code wouldn’t help unless you were sent it personally, as it’s only activated on accounts it’s sent to

  4. Whirly, the day that eBay can be bothered to change the wrong spelling of manufacturers names in their own Item Specifics (despite being told about one 3 times now, it is still unchanged) will be the day they help others to spell properly…

  5. yup… in their china thimbles. I’ve mentioned it via PS email twice, once on the phone to my Account Manager (when I had one) and also confirmed to her by email, mentioned it on several boards where pinks were known to lurk…

    but hey! it’s still unchanged 🙄
    (and I just checked again to make sure….)

  6. I’ve complained about it too I think – I sold off some bits of my granny’s old Jasper stuff (it completely set my teeth on edge, I couldn’t stand it in the house) and I seem to remember then noticing that it was spelled funny all over the place 😆



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