German sellers must wait for fee change info

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As the shockwaves from changes to fees on and are still reverberating through the community, spare a thought for sellers on Though they know fee changes are coming, and that they will be implemented from 20th February, they must wait until the 11th February for the exact details. eBay Germany’s news page says:

We will change our fee model, and move fees from insertion fees to final value fees, so sellers will pay eBay fees relative to their sales. In addition, I am pleased to offer a special premium program to our PowerSellers. For you as PowerSellers this means that – with fulfillment of the quality requirements – you can count on fee reductions. I’ll let you know all further details about this on the 11th February in eBay-News.

3 Responses

  1. Businesses in Germany are so efficient that they don’t need to plan more than a week ahead then? 😕

    Glad I am not a German ebay seller!

  2. That surprised me too, Gill – I know in the UK they have to give us 30 days notice, and I’m amazed that isn’t the case in Germany too.


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