eBay elsewhere : links for 2nd March

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The Washington Post reports that eBay faces “challenges in the U.S., U.K. and Germany”, as the growth of the auction market and ecommerce in general slows.

But perhaps unsurprisingly, most of the eBay coverage this week has been The Strike, The Fallout from The Strike, and people wondering just how many 6s are on the back of JD’s head:

Michael Fowlkes gets it right: “now we are basically in posturing mode between eBay and its sellers”.

Timothy Church calculates that the seller strike is costing eBay “$3.6m PER DAY!” and rolls out the old chestnut that eBay needs hobby sellers because they’re the people who buy from business sellers. (Wrong: the reason eBay works is because it has buyers – millions of them – who don’t sell at all.)

TheStreet.com says eBay’s woes won’t end with the seller strike.

The Register has a problem not uncommon amongst Sites That Don’t Like eBay: when the company and sellers are at loggerheads, which side do you sneer at? (Gary E. Sattler, take note.)



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