5p insertion fees on 12th June for eBay.co.uk

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eBay have just announced a for auctions and buy it now listings. There are a few exclusions so check before you list.

This is one I won’t be able to take advantage of as I’m off to Chicago for eBay Live! at the weekend, but it should be welcome news for everyone still listing on eBay UK this week.

12 Responses

  1. No wonder e-bay keep having 5p listing day as the auction listings count are well done due to all the sellers being suspended and the lack of visibility. A lot of buyers and sellers alike have given up with the site.

  2. Don’t know it – too many CLDs says to me eBay want to encourage more listings and the price may come down permanently soon!

    It’s interesting to see that many CLDs over the past year have had strings attached, like must accept PayPal, or offer free shipping but the last couple have been no strings kosher “cheap” listing ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. CLD’s are just part of the propaganda game used to keep the troops sweet.

    Most CLD’s these days tend to coincide with bad news or follow on from recent bad news.

  4. Is there a way to subscribe to the CLD calendar as an RSS feed any more? It was one of my most useful RSS subscriptions. After the main Tamebay feed of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. 2nd cheapo listing day in 2 weeks. What is the point of listing at ‘Full’ price normal trading? You face a law of diminshing returns,when the ‘special’ becomes the norm.Nowadays cheapo days seem full of BIN’s at ridiculous prices. Even the tat is diminishing.What point.if no one is buying it ?
    Ebay looks to be in a serious malaise.

  6. as mentioned above The cheap listing days are only there to mask the fact that e-bay listings are down, Also you’ve only got to look at medved.com to see the sell thru rate of auctions and buy it now’s have dropped from 50% to between 30-40%. so your 10-20% less likely to sell your goods on e-bay as you were last year.

  7. Why worry about it? I list every day, rain or shine. CLDs just save me money, they don’t make me list more or less on any other day.

    It’s all just business you know….

  8. I dont worry about CLD’s, in fact I avoid them. I wake up much happier knowing I have not signed up to the latest “super race promo”.

  9. I don’t pay any attention to CLD’s, if I did i would avoid them, too many people posting rubbish, let the fools selling rubbish with no customer service cut corners.


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