UAE blocks Skype calls

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A United Arab Emirates Internet provider, du, has blocked access to cheap phone calls using Skype.

du already block access to sites with pornography, alcohol, gambling, hatred, child abuse or terrorism content by filtering Internet traffic through a proxy server. Skype and PC to phone and phone to PC communications are also blocked.

du describe themselves as the “new integrated telecommunications service provider with a fresh approach”. Their FAQ on Skype usage simply states “As a licensed telecom operator, du conforms to the guidelines set by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

At the same time as blocking Skype, du have introduced a “Freetime” offer with one fils (a UK penny is worth about 7 fils) of free credit for every second of every international call you make saying “Don’t miss anything happening back home“.

I’d be pretty upset if Skype was blocked in the UK – how about you?

3 Responses

  1. I would simply change ISP! I save more using Skype than I pay for my ISP so it would be a very easy decision. Any ISP that blocks Skype is shooting themselves in the foot in my opinion.

  2. I’m certainly using Skype a lot more lately, especially as I can turn it on or off. My Skype number is on all business cards now too.

    I was wondering how the Skype 3 phone was going Chris, I’m seriously considering it. Did you do an internet phone trial or something too?

    So I would not be happy if they banned it in the UK. Although I wonder why the UK can’t manage to ban the ‘hatred, child abuse & terrorism’ content anyway!

  3. Problem is that in Dubai you don’t have a choice of ISP, if you live or work in a freezone you have to use DU, outside any freezone you have to use Etisalat (the other telco provider in UAE), and both are owned by the Government.



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