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All members will now be able to checkout and pay with PayPal without actually leaving the eBay site. I love this one: paying feels so much quicker and easier. I’ll be interested to see what “P&P promotions offered by sellers are handled better” means: hopefully that free P&P offers via Markdown Manager may become available for UK sellers, as they are in the US.

There are also some changes to My eBay which parallel those made in the US last month. Watch lists are increased to 200 items, and users can create their own lists within My eBay to organise items the way they want them. Only “a small group of UK members” will be seeing this new version, so if you’re one of the lucky ones, do leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

6 Responses

  1. *sigh* more stuff to go wrong. Checkout is still a complete farce with postage discounts being ignored completeley. Yes, it’s a great idea, but will it actually work?
    I really, really wish ebay would just sit down and fix the current problems one by painfull one instead of bringing new things that just add insult to injury.
    We know by now that ebay do not listen to or respect seller opinion, SO AS A BUYER, EBAY LISTEN UP AND FIX THE STUFF YOU ALREADY HAVE BEFORE INTRODUCING NEW BREAKABLES.

    (there, do you think they heard me?)

  2. All members will now be able to checkout and pay with PayPal without actually leaving the eBay site.

    erm Ive had this for ages now….. well at least 2-3 weeks…. I do like it though I must admit.

  3. Had new checkout for a while also, looks good.

    I have 3 things on my watch list, one item going back to 2007, WTF 200 ?! Why would anyone have 200…..

  4. @Maria – they’ve been testing that one for a while, I’ve had it on some accounts but not on others. The point is, that *everyone* is now getting it.

  5. watching for crying out loud!
    you watch the TV or the Cinema

    its lunacy
    if I told someone business was great I had 200 folk
    watching my stock but no sales, they would think I needed locking up

  6. buying is about need or impulse
    in my opinion if someone has clicked watch, you have just about lost the sale,or there watching to see its value so they can flog one, or undercut you,
    it might get ebays juices going and they may squark on about how watchers stay on the site and turn into buyers,
    though to me its as daft as a brush



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