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A heads-up for eBay UK sellers about the new View Item page, which can now be viewed by clicking the link to “switch to the new version of this page” at the top of any of your own listings. There’s been a very small but significant change to the “quantity” section for multiple item listings. Here’s how it used to look:

However, on the new view, the crucial word “available” is missing:

Anyone who’s traded on eBay for a while will probably recognise the danger here: if buyers can interpret an ambiguity in their favour, they generally do, and this looks like “it said quantity four, I thought I was getting four” waiting to happen. So for those selling in multiple quantities, as eBay want us to do, it might be worth adding a note to your listings that the price is per single item.

It would be lovely if eBay could get this wording put back as it was, for the sake of the buyer experience.

15 Responses

  1. It’s even more fun for items sold in lots. Previously on one of my listings it would have read “Quantity: 5 lots available (20 items each)”, now it just reads “Quantity: 5”

    I don’t think I’m going to get many sales if someone thinks they’ll be buying 5 items when I’ve priced the listing for 20 🙁

  2. I must say, it was first spotted by Seanie over in our Forum. But as a more general point, I think there is something to be said for involving sellers in this process: we, after all, spend more time interacting with the site than the development team do, we probably know more about all the nuances of trading than the development team do, and many of the famous policy change fiascoes (e.g. the current 99p farce) could have been avoided if sellers had been involved at an earlier stage.

  3. Ask sellers what they think and take on board what they say???

    nah! it’ll never happen

  4. Add these to the list (no pun intended) – truncated category links that go onto two lines (much harder to read), a shops logo that isn’t clickable, wasted space and duplicated information ‘above the fold’ and the removal of me page links.

    I don’t believe that the ebay tech team can be this incompetetent, so what’s the real agenda behind these changes? Third party adverts / sponsored links inserted onto our listings?

  5. I may be late in noticing this as I have been busy with *life stuff* and also was not seeing the new page view until today…

    But I have just compared the views and think the new design looks awful. I also note that my Crosspitch Gallery appears to have been automatically deleted by eBay on the new page. They will be banning the use of HTML next.

  6. PS That quantities thing is a pathetic error that eBay should fix pronto. Which means we will still be asking for it to be changed in seven years time.

  7. I have been meaning to change our main ebay site over to listing fames for a while now and get rid of the hard coded shop categories, now I have seen how they would look in our sister store, I am glad I didn’t do it.
    Shop categories have been relegated to a non-apparent afterthought and look disjointed, truncated & messy.
    At least our categories are intact in the main site even if I have to scroll past the lack lustre,anodyne, insipid yet all important ‘above the fold’ piece of rubbish eBay are introducing…
    Who is head of eBay….? Nero?

  8. Well spotted. I would go further and suggest it should say Quantity available:
    4 lots in stock. ( a lot being whatever the sale item is 1, 2 or 100 pieces)

  9. On the P&P and payment tab there is a fault in the payment section. If you have an item on buy it now for £3.99 and 1.99 postage, the payment section says “Immediate payment for £3.99 is required”. Surely this should read “Immediate payment for £5.98 is required” or “Immediate payment for £3.99 plus sellers postage rate is required.” ?



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