Best offers not showing in My eBay

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If you have best offers on your eBay listings currently they’re not showing in My eBay. Although you may be seeing “With Offers (0)” it’s possible you have outstanding offers waiting to be actioned.

The only way to see best offers at the moment is from the individual listing or by checking your email / My Messages for notifications. This glitch shouldn’t affect you if you have auto accept/reject levels set on all your listings which offer best offer.

26 Responses

  1. Thanks for that.

    Caught about 100 pound of sales

    Nice quality service i get for my ebay fees. Customer service email would have been nice. Ill file a claim for loss of earnings using the standard claim form.NOT! Due too a faulty service. Wonder if i could do a paypal charge back for the fees.NOT

  2. Thanks Chris, had 3 offers in, one I accepted which was just about to expire.

    It also highlighted just how much the credit crunch is hurting the UK, I had a suite on at 570.00, and had a best offer of a tenner rflmao.

  3. Well I caught about fifty quids worth of BOs as well, I wonder just how many have gone un-noticed site wide and how much it adds up to in lost revenue and lost FVF for eBay 🙁

  4. With the best will in the world Chris I would be more interested in how much it cost me, not ebay. I dont get this problem with amazon.

  5. #7 You are joking?

    Next you will be wanting some compo or some reliability in service.

    Not a major prob for me holding off listing at moment

  6. #10 Doesn’t work. For those who best offers aren’t showing customisation does nothing, and it also doesn’t show in the summary.

    I went through it with my account manager this morning and he can see exactly the same as me…. no best offers showing in My eBay even though there’s a listing with an outstanding best offer. 🙁

  7. This is a disgrace. No emails. And its still not working. If ebay was the real world there would be an uproar.

  8. I get aprox 6 offers a day , and yes half off them are from muppets. But the other half are ok.

    I currently have 500 auctions on the go. I am dodging snp ,monitoring dsr’s and got this carp too deal with.

    And ebay want me too list my full inventory 1000+ auctions. mmmm is the risk worth the gain?

  9. I just cant get my head round the ethos of best offer
    if you list an item at a price and also include a best offer option, , only a fool would pay the asking price ,
    so why muddy the water, I just ask my best price in the first place
    and a real good tried and tested way to get the best offer is to auction the item

  10. #15

    I sell to a lot of fools 😕

    A lot of my stuff is ‘time critical’ so if buyers need it quickly they will often pay the asking price rather than waste a day bandying around best offers!

    I have even had someone put in a best offer of higher than the asking price : 😯

  11. #15 I use it Norf because auctions are dead ducks these days in my Cat. offering best offer encourages communication and stimulates interest with the buyer, I price accordingly when offering best offer on a listing so I am always happy with the result. Plus I am a sucker for doing a deal, I’d rather make £20 less and wheel and deal and have some fun otherwise it would just be like amazon and bore the crap out of me.

    You might also be suprised just how many people click buyitnow and dont bother with offers. On the other hand sometimes it’s a pain in the donkey when you get some bright spark offer you a pound for a £500 bath but they tend to be newbies and I get the impression they don’t really understand the concept.

    I had some hints last month from my AM that they will be relaxing the rules around best offer so some communication will be available with the buyer instead of just batting numbers to each other.

  12. A friend of mine sticks his Diamonds and things in an ebay shop,
    with vastly inflated telephone number prices ,every month or so some nit wit makes what they think is a daft offer,
    they get the shock of their life when its accepted lol

  13. #18 thats a bit like a B&Q half price sale, they have some make believe RRP of £1800.00 slash it by 50% and sell it for £900, they buy them from the same place I do for £200.00. Lol.

  14. to be honest I used best offers a couple of times to test it out at least a few months ago and they never showed in my ebay then,

    I would came across an email ,or happened to click on the items deal sheet out of curiousity, and an offer would be sitting there,
    as I only had a couple of best offers listed it was easy to keep an eye on.them
    it would have been impossible otherwise

  15. AM said they’d report the problem and let me know if/when they get an answer. Like North says it’s impossible to keep track without being able to find outstanding best offers 🙁

  16. I’m just checking my messages a couple of times a day and hoping they will come through. A couple have and I don’t get that many so hopefully I am not missing too many… 🙁


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