Auctiva replace Sellathon counter with kickitback counter

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Auctiva have replaced the Sellathon hits counter in live eBay auctions with a Kickitback counter. If sellers don’t wish the new counter to appear it’s possible to select “No Counter” in their Auctiva settings.

For UK sellers it’s probably best to disable the counter or consider an alternative, Kickitback discounts are only available for some purchases on with cash back paid in US$. Nothing sold on eBay UK will qualify for cash back so sending your UK buyers to the site just doesn’t make sense.

Sellers who still have the old Sellathon hits counter displayed on their auctions will find that the link has also changed to the Kickitback website. It would make sense for Auctiva counters placed on sites other than to link to a relevant site, or simply not to be linked at all. In the mean time it’s a great way for Auctiva to promote their new site for free.

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  1. This was very disappointing. The new kickitback link goes a tease kickitback marketing page and is terrible. I deleted the kickitback counter from my listings.

  2. It is a great way for Auctiva to roundtrip. The problem is a new set of vague rules came out on September 19th against that very model.

  3. UK users can easily use KickItBack. Just buy the eBay item from the US site. Any item available on the UK ebay site can also be seen and purchased from the US site. And I’ve heard rumors they are going to start adding the ability for users to select the currency of their payouts.

  4. I had been trying out Auctiva on my listings when the change happened and I really didn’t like the Kickitback tease page either. I don’t know if it put off potential buyers but it would have put me off.

    However, I remembered the recent plug for Auctionpixie, gave it a try and liked it.

    So rather than kickitback, I’ve kicked Auctiva into touch!

    I’m only a small sub-Mom and Pop attic seller and your mileage may vary.

  5. #3 The average buyer isn’t going to know that or ever work it out. Also they can’t search the US site as unless the seller ships to the US items that ship from the UK to the UK won’t show unless the specific item number is entered.

    Basically it’s a US program and should never be promoted on the UK site at all IMO, it’s a pointless, confusing and inaccessible for the average buyer.

  6. The link apparently breaks third party link guidelines as it links to a website not related to the service offered. You are allowed to link to outside websites if you’re providing a service as Auctiva does but should be only be linking to website on counter information not marketing a separate service.

    I would advise all sellers to remove the kickitback in case your listings are removed for you!

  7. @ # 6

    I’ve seen others in the ePN forums encouraging people to report auctions like that. And they all seem to hate Auctiva already so that is probably very good advice.

  8. #5

    Which eBay sites do you support?

    We currently support (U.S.), (U.K.), (Australia), and (Canada).

    Why am I being redirected to (U.S.)?

    If you generated an eBay token before we integrated eBay’s international sites (,, etc.), your account may be configured to use the (U.S.) site. To update this setting, simply generate your eBay token again.

  9. #8 Oh they support the UK now do they? Well still no good to me seeing as all the counters they inserted on point to the .com site ๐Ÿ™

    Quite frankly it’s a bit of a liberty replacing something in sellers listings without them knowing. Sign up for a counter today, get a different counter plugging a service you’d previously heard nothing about and directing your buyers to the wrong site tomorrow.

    It’s simply not good enough ๐Ÿ™

  10. there is a new competitor to sellathon about to launch a beta test, and we are looking for people to trial the service. the first 50 to sign up get a free lifetime subscription, and no, we won’t ever use your listing to advertise our own initiatives. you paid for your listing, it’s your, not ours.

    check out
    and our blog at



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