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eBay claim that export sales on increased in January and February 2009 (over December 2008) and are encouraging eBay sellers to get their share of the export market. eBay is also promoting eBay UK to overseas buyers as a great place to bag a bargain, on account of the relative weakness of Pound Sterling.

Apparently, 244,000 UK-based eBay sellers exported 2.4 million items worth £57million in January representing a year-on-year increase of 49%. In January, overseas buyers importing most from eBay UK were from the US (£9.5m), Germany (£6m), France (£5.4m) and Ireland (£5.3m). Italy, Holland, Spain, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland were also major importers. The most popular products were mobile phones, watches, clothing, laptops and digital cameras.

With 9 of the top 10 export destinations being in Europe (hardly surprisingly), British sellers not shipping to Europe or stating a European postage tariff would seem to be harming their sales.

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  1. We have experienced very strong sales in S.Ireland lately both on & off lately, there is definately money to be had if you put in a little extra effort.

  2. Oh yes, sales to US and Oz both well up, and to Europe as well.

    All in all, the mix of one third overseas to 2 thirds UK has reversed itself.

  3. we would have even more if there was more overseas exposure on buy it now items !!

    we would pay a little extra for it as well,

    maybe Ebay should add it in as an extra cost for shops, i.e. business sellers pay an extra £10 a month for all buy it now items to appear on .com etc etc,

    hardly rocket science but both ebay and sellers would benefit

  4. Careful what you wish for!

    10 zillion US sellers may also get the same exposure here. for a tenner

  5. With the exchange rate movement since lst November it’s no suprise that anyone in the Eurozone will find eBay UK prices very attractive. We’ve found that the % of sales into Ireland, via our eBay UK listings, has swung significantly. Irish, and other eurozone buyers, now have about 25% more ‘buying power’ for their euro than they had 4 months ago…they are prepared to bid higher and hence will win more auctions and/or take out BIN’s.

    There is a downside, in our experience, and that is that the shipping cost DSR’s given by non-domestic buyers are significantly lower. So if it costs you more to service your shipments to those non-UK buyers – then beware, because they may not give you any credit for that fact and mark you lower that you might expect. This is particularly true for courier services – you may fare better if your products are all going by lower-cost postal service anyway.

  6. we have always focused on the North American market
    never mind the exchange rate, 15% less Vat is not to be sniffed at

  7. #8 Indeed …and VAT rates is another reason why us Irish folks find eBay UK doubly attractive right now ( Irish VAT rate is 21.5% ) !!


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