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You heard it here first: multi-variation listings have just gone live for all Clothing, Shoes and Accessories categories on eBays UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

They’re also live for most Home and Garden categories on UK and Germany (the following categories will not have MVLs available: Kitchen > Small Appliances; Major Appliances; Cleaning, Laundry & Vacuuming; Clocks; DIY Tools; Garden & Plants).

If you list through the SYI form or SMP in a category where MVLs are available, you’ll now be offered the option to list with variants. Turbo Lister hasn’t yet been updated, but that should be coming shortly. Updated to add: Now available via Turbo Lister too.

eBay are keen to point out the advantages of listing with MVLs: lower insertion fees, saved time and more visibility; “as buyers start purchasing from your multi-quantity listings, your listings can appear higher in Best Match search results.” It’s certainly a feature that sellers have been requesting for years, though watching buyer reactions is going to be interesting; I’d like to see some proactive marketing of this new feature to buyers, otherwise for many of them, it’ll be too easy to miss.

If you’re using MVLs on your listings – or buying from them – let us know how you’re getting on in the comments.

33 Responses

  1. I thought I had successfully listed a MVM item today. Turns out I haven’t.
    The listing is there. The individual items are there, complete with drop down menus. Aparently there is zero stock available for 4 of the 5 items and the other one sometimes has 10 and sometimes has none.

    It took me 45 mins to work out what to enter where (I don’t want ANY SKU’s etc or product codes, I have enough of that on Amazon thanks). You can turn off the SKu’s options if you want but it doesn’t make listing any easier. Complicated, very unclear and doesn’t work.

    So, results so far is:
    I have wasted far too much time for zero results. The listing is live but no-one can buy from it because ebay says no stock.

  2. I would imagine not trying for a few days till the wrinkles are ironed out would be a wiser plan.

    Expecting a new ebay feature to work straight out the box is a little optimistic in my experience.

  3. Have to say, I tried putting one together for a footwear style and it gave me a headache!

    Really a bit overcomplicated through TL.

  4. I`ve uploaded several items. Found it straight forward enough…

    My problem is they`re not showing up in search results or visable in my shop! However, I can view from “my ebay”. It says it`s “live” and shows all corect variations etc. It`s been over 2 hours, so would expect them to have registered by now… Any thoughts?

    Be great when it works!

  5. I haven’t actually looked very closely at these so far – All my items are in CSA category so they may well be useful. However I was wondering how people are going to adapt titles etc – I’m wary of using up the limited title characters available to mention all the sizes/colours available within the multi listing e.g.
    20, 22,24,26
    red,blue, green
    as this means losing all my valuable keyword space.
    If i use a subtitle as an alternative for getting this info across its then not cost effective to have the multi listing.
    Just wondered how other people were approaching it?

  6. We won’t be using them just yet, we’ll wait and see how the buyers react first.

  7. Chris I updated yesterday, I’m still not seeing it ?

    Will get Mr Techie to check it out when he gets back.

  8. Lorna ,he checked it out :-

    You need a shop , you dont have one, so you cant do it.

  9. Thank you board_surfer ๐Ÿ™‚

    Was kind of you to take the time from your busy schedule to help a little wummin in distress ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. we listed a MVL in ladies shoes a few weeks back now via Turbo Lister. Worked fine, no problems at all once i’d figured out what to do.

    The individual SKUs are good, as we download all our sales and compile them into our own reports.

    No problems here! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. For those that want to wait and see what the buyers do why not create an MVL but keep your original listings active as well? Or does that go against their one fixed price listing rule?

  12. Have finally sold an item on an MVL listing.
    When I come to print off the invoice/packing slip via smp I notice the main picture is displayed (not the image of the varient sold) and no mention of which variation has been sold underneath the listing/item title.
    More time wasted to manually check which varient has sold and to either write it on the invoice/packing slip or type a note on the sales record.

    Not very good really.

  13. Now SOMEONE from ebay must be reading this as this little bug is now fixed! Excellent.

  14. Could someone please put up an example of a MV listing, I am trying to get my head round it but am stuck ๐Ÿ™

  15. Amazing – todays Daily Deal (21/07) is a pair ot fashion trainers, available in 6 sizes.

    Yes, there are SIX Daily Deal listings instead of ONE MVL listing !

  16. Im sure we will see an MVL as DOTD soon enough.

    Just as soon as someone that knows how it works shows ebay.

  17. The picture/item variation bug is not fixed ๐Ÿ˜
    Sometimes it’s working, sometimes it’s not working.

    I was under the impression that only 5 variations could be had, however I have seen a listing with double that.
    How are sellers getting around the maxium 5 variations? And more importantly why are ebay allowing sellers to be able to override it?

    Great! another loophole!

  18. Bunchy, can you mail me a link for the “more than five variations” thing? sue @ tamebay dot com

    I have it direct from eBay that five’s the maximum, so I’d very much like to check that one out!



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