eBay.com ending GTC listings without returns, handling info

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eBay.com are taking steps to enforce their recently-introduced policies that all listings must show returns information and handling time. Good Til Cancelled istings which do not display the required information will be ended, and placed back in sellers’ unsold items section of My eBay. Shorter-length listings have had the policies enforced since June, but eBay had extended the deadline for GTC to give sellers time to edit their listings.

I have to hand it to eBay with this one: they’ve made it much easier than they normally do to ensure listings are compliant with their policies. A special website allows you to download a list of items you need to change, and changes to the rules for editing listings have been introduced before the policies were enforced, meaning that sellers can edit listings which have had sales.

But do check your listings: it’s all to easy to forget about GTC and assume everything’s running correctly (writes the woman who had a listing still running from 2005…). It’s worth giving your unsold items more of a glance over than you normally might.


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