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I had an interesting email today which read “Sorry for the delay in payment and thanks for closing the case”. It’s great that my buyer paid, but the only slight issue I have is that the case was opened and closed by eBay and not by me.

The new automatic unpaid item process is great in so much as I don’t have to lift a finger to chase payments, but I’d prefer it if the messaging was a little clearer so that buyers were under no misunderstanding that it was eBay themselves opening and closing the cases.

On the plus side the buyer was blocked from leaving feedback for the duration of the open case, unlike manually opened cases. Protection from poor feedback comes a little sooner if a buyer fails to pay and the sale qualifies for the automatic unpaid item process (items which offer PayPal as the only payment method).

If you’ve not enabled automatic unpaid items it’s worth giving it a try unless your buyers are habitually late payers.

4 Responses

  1. I can’t tell if I even have this yet. I went mucking about in my account for a while a few days ago and nothing seems different.

  2. I think eBay should sort out the manual unpaid item system before moving onto an automated one. I have a buyer whose PayPal payment has been reversed by their bank. Now I can’t open an unpaid dispute as ebay say their records show that the payment was made. I have contacted customer support and they say there is nothing I can do. Just another case of eBay’s mantra Buyers Good Sellers Bad.

  3. If I were still selling on eBay my first question would be if this counts as an opened dispute.

    What was the time frame from listing closing to your getting the email?


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