eBay Seller Update 21.1 – End of unpaid item claims

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eBay are going to roll out an end to filing unpaid item claims and instead give you a simple button to click. If the buyer hasn’t paid after 5 calendar days, you can manually or automatically cancel the orders. After cancellation, the item will be automatically relisted and applicable fees may be returned to the seller.

Unpaid Item claims were of no real benefit to sellers, but acted as a reminder to the buyer to pay. Realistically, buyers will have received a “You’ve won” when an auction ends plus if they log into eBay a notification to pay for any outstanding items. Many sellers would have automatic unpaid item claims filed (and of course for most fixed price purchases payment comes with the order), but once the ability to automatically or manually cancel the order comes in you won’t have to wait.

The order can be cancelled by the seller 5 days after:

  • The buyer committed to purchasing the item.
  • The buyer won an auction.
  • The buyer accepted your offer.
  • You accepted the buyer’s Best Offer.

Other features:

  • Each cancellation with a ‘Buyer hasn’t paid’ reason will be recorded against that buyer in the system. We’ll block that buyer’s ability to leave feedback and, if they’ve already left feedback, we’ll remove it.
  • You can continue to stop purchases from buyers with more than two unpaid item cancellations using your Buyer management preferences.
  • You’ll be able to set up automatic cancellations for non-payment by changing your preferences in your Preferences for items awaiting payment.
  • Buyers with excessive cancellations for ‘Buyer hasn’t paid’ reason may be suspended for abusive buying practices

3 Responses

  1. A nice change here. Tidies the system up and actually helps the seller, even if just a bit
    Not often I find something to be positive in eBay updates!

  2. It’s time that buyers are held accountable for winning an item and not paying. Us sellers are tired of dealing with non paying people. Can’t pay,DON’T BID.

  3. @Rose S agree more needs to be done for none payment of auctions or best offers. I buy a lot of stock at auction, if buyers don’t pay they are blocked not just at that auction house, often across the whole auction platform.
    Getting tired of dealing with I want money off, chasing buyers for payment and I want a free return so will click not as described.
    All of which takes time and money and stress to deal with not to mention the defects ebay place on the account.
    If we get punished for cases that go against us then give us points back when we get non payment cases closed. ebay to quick at the minute to punish sellers any time anything goes wrong. But not so quick at admitting when they do something wrong.


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