John Donahoe on the future of eBay

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Nothing earth-shattering here. A couple of random thoughts from me:

  • The Amazon/eBay rivalry isn’t a winner-take-all competition – nor indeed is ecommerce limited to those two giants. So I’d agree with JD on this one: the real story is the growth of online commerce.
  • Are eBay selling off PayPal? Not any time soon: PayPal and eBay make each other stronger. I wish JD would drop the whole “strong synergies” line, because that just sounds like a sidestep of the question.

Shamelessly stolen from Randy.

6 Responses

  1. Dumb Dumb Donahoe you have destroyed Ebay,It will never be what it was.

  2. well I think this fella might just have saved ebay

    because we suspect the buying public were becoming tired with ebays pikey reputation

  3. eBay will never lose that image, take a look at Skoda, great cars now but it’s still a Skoda.

    It’s the people who use eBay that have to change not ebay, then in time they will build a new reputation/image.

  4. I agree with the ‘Skoda’ comments.

    When I shopped at eBay, I looked for a ‘flea market’ price. It’s just the nature of the platform. I just can’t see eBay as being up market.

    Also John Donahoe said in a recent interview: “…what you have on eBay that you don’t have anywhere else are items that have been returned or refurbished, items that are cheaper.” And he’s right. It just has this feel of being ‘cheap’.

    I remember years ago my daughter asked me for a Tiffany necklace for her birthday and added, “Don’t try anything funny. I’ll know if you bought it on eBay”. Telling words…


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