Parcelforce start insisting on email addresses in WDM

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If you use Parcelforce WDM for printing your courier labels prepare for some extra cutting and pasting today (or even worse for any automated feeds to fail) unless you already add in the customer email addresses.

Up until now the email address has been an optional field, and in fact still isn’t asterisked as a compulsory field. However if the email address isn’t entered a pop-up appears insisting that it’s required.

This is just creating double work as far as I’m concerned – I’m not too worried about Parcelforce emailing my customers to let them know that the parcel is on it’s way. I already scan the tracking numbers into eBay and have auto-emails set up to let buyers know that their item is on it’s way, I don’t need or want Parcelforce to duplicate this and in fact much prefer all communications for eBay customers to go through eBay.

With the moves eBay are making towards a closed message system I suspect it won’t be too long before buyer email address aren’t even available to sellers. This will leave the dilemma of entering your own email address into each Parcelforce shipment or entering a fake email address. Although customers are normally appreciative of receiving despatch notifications, doubling up on emails from different sources is just a waste of time.

3 Responses

  1. The advantage in this might be that it’s an independent verification that the parcel has been dispatched, and that buyers might be more forgiving of delays/losses as far as the seller’s concerned when PF have told them they have the parcel. It does start to emphasise that the delivery company plays a role in delivery too, not just the seller. I’m prepared to be proved wrong, but as a buyer, this is one extra email I actually wouldn’t mind.

  2. I use interlink, and this is an option on their system. What’s good about adding an email is that Interlink automatically email the customer asking them to be in on the delivery day, or rebook online. The whole process is taken out of my hands, and INterlink brand their email with my details, so it looks like its come from me!


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