£1/2million frozen in Minecraft PayPal account

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If you’ve ever had a little problem with PayPal account limitations spare a thought for Markus Persson. His only fault was to create a game called Minecraft, which is so new it’s still only in Alpha, and not even made it to a Beta release. That’s not stopped people from raving about it, so much so that even at a cost of just $9.95 he’s making a mint.

Well he was until PayPal limited his account just as sales of his game spiked and he’s now got around half a million pounds (over €600,000) frozen in his PayPal account.

He blogs the reason PayPal gave as “a suspicious withdrawal or deposit” with his response being “wow, thank you for that amazingly detailed information”.

Doubtless it’ll get sorted sooner or later, but come on… half a million pounds and the game is not even complete. How do I get started creating a computer game? If it pays that well then I’ll figure out how to get around any PayPal limitations.

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  1. The thing I find incredible about Paypal holds (e.g. where funds are held during a dispute over an item) is that there is nowhere in the account which shows this balance clearly.

    You used to be able to look at the Paypal claims panel and see what was there, but since claims raised in eBay now trigger a Paypal hold, it is impossible to see how much money Paypal are holding.

    This balance is “sales made but not yet refunded”, and is a balance sheet item for our company. Of course Markus’ problem is far larger than that, but at least he knows the number. We have no idea, and neither does our Paypal account manager, how much of our money Paypal has.

    This is *way* below the banking standard.

  2. This is due to vloggers on youtube. Seananners being the main “culprit” shall we say.

    I’m sure some of you have heard/seen his vlogs.

  3. The amount is actually now close to $1MILLION US ! Not only is this ILLEGAL but it goes on with great frequency unchecked around the world. BILLIONS are being frozen and held around the world. We are working with many agencies – government entities & others. We’re now looking for E-volunteers worldwide to help spread this info to stop this nonsense once and for all. w w w .paypalfreeze.squarespace. c o m provides details on the HOWs WHOs & WHYs of what’s REALLY going on here.


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