Free auctions for private sellers this weekend

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Time to break out the private IDs again: there’s a free listing weekend for private sellers coming. On 11th and 12th September, private sellers can list auctions with any start price for free. Only items listed through one of the SYI forms are eligible, so don’t plan to upload a pile of stuff through Turbo Lister. The promotion is limited to UK-registered users only.

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  1. I’m unclear about one of the terms and conditions:

    “During the promotional period, if sellers re-list an item that had previously closed without a successful sale, the re-listed item will qualify for the promotion” ……….. is eBay’s own bulk relisting feature in My eBay also a no no for this promotion – meaning that unsold items would have to be re-listed one by one to qualify?

  2. If you relist from the ebay summary page you will be charged as normal. If you relist from inside the seller view of the item you will not be charged. The multiple relist tickbox is seen as a “seller tool”.

    I have about 250 books,dvds and cd’s I wanted to relist so relisting in bulk would have been a lot quicker. I need to go into each item to relist it if I want to. Half baked if you ask me. They should just have said no items previsouly unsold will qualify

  3. Hi Sue, I generally think any promotion that encourages NEW traders to get involved is good. Of course there will always be the regular oldies who will abuse the system to save a few dollars in listing fees but that will not stop the new people who want to get involved from taking the plunge. I say keep it up!
    And keep up the good work Sue!

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