eBay launches new way to buy fashion on eBay

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In a move which is sure to please sellers in clothes, shoes and accessories eBay have updated the fashion section of the site. Gone from the main tabs in eBay is the Fashion Outlet which is now a sub-tab of the new “Fashion” button.

Clicking Fashion now takes you to a page where you can shop for Women, Men, Kids or accessories. These are further split into popular categories on a bright page which mixes links to Outlets amid more generic search of all fashion sellers on eBay.

Each category within fashion has received a makeover with a Style selection with thumbnails to indicate the type of Suits, Shoes or Bags available.

More importantly at last eBay have provided logical ways to search for clothing. Gone are the “Large Suits” and “Medium Jeans to be replaced by chest and waist/leg measurements – we can now buy and sell clothing in the same way we would select sizes on the high street.

This does of course make it imperative that item specifics are completed when sellers list items of clothing. Over the years eBay have suggested a mix of now outdated item specifics for clothing. Attributes such as S/M/L, W34, W34/L34 and 42L are still widely seen on eBay, but sellers should update listings to the current sizes that eBay now use(e.g. “42 Long” as the chest size for suits). Failure to update your item specifics will mean that your items aren’t shown to buyers when the search the new Fashion pages on eBay.

eBay have added the ability for buyers to create custom profiles for buyers to enter their own sizes and favourite brands which will be remembered each time they visit the site.

Profiles can be either for women or men, and different sizing options are shown for each so women can choose from dress sizes 8, 10, 12 etc whilst men will see collar sizes for shirts.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with the updates to the fashion pages. Instead of guiding buyers directly to the Outlets, products from all sellers are included. Sizes are relevant to the way that people buy clothing and the new ways to choose products by style and size are a vast improvement in narrowing down a search to the items of interest.

If you’re an avid fashion buyer will the new pages make you buy more on eBay? If you’re a fashion seller are your items ready for the new fashion hub and have you updated your item specifics to ensure that they’ll appear in search results?

4 Responses

  1. A very good move by eBay – a lot of thought and insight has clearly gone into this change. I have said the outlets should not be the 1st point for fashion, as their stock is limited. Very pleased. Thumbs up.


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