“We’ve got you covered” Message from John Donahoe

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eBay.com are launching the holiday shopping season by majoring on Buyer Protection in what will be a month long campaign, aimed at building buyer trust and increasing purchases on eBay.

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Even the entire eBay.com home page has been given over to a letter from John Donahoe with the message “We’ve got you covered” to reassure buyers that they’ll be covered for the price and shipping cost for most purchases that they make on eBay.

eBay say that since the launch of eBay Buyer Protection they have seen significant increases in trust, confidence and spending from shoppers familiar with the program. Also new research shows that shoppers familiar with eBay Buyer Protection spend twice as much as shoppers who aren’t aware of the program.

The campaign to run for the whole of October is expected to generate around 25 billion impressions between now and the end of the year. If that results in buyers doubling their spend on eBay it’s good news for investors and sellers alike and should result in a bumper 3rd quarter for eBay.

4 Responses

  1. I am not so enthused by this.

    To me it reaffirms the message the media seem to love putting about that ebay is full of dodgy sellers. Amazon’s A-Z Guarantee is much less in your face as a buyer and seller and they seem to do just fine. Why aren’t ebay doing more to ensure the dodgy sellers don’t get a foot in the door in the first place?

  2. Bought a measly 58.00 hammer (which I needed for a job), only to find that the seller is not shipping the product. I finally called Ebay,and after 30min. wait, got an unhappy female. Bottom line: I won’t get any information for another entire day and even then I don’t really expect it. Nothing about when the resolution will happen …..Nothing.


  3. I bought lotions at a “great” price, got the package and it looked like it was packed by a 2 year old. Lotion all over the box, tops broken off of bottles. Took pictures, contacted seller who said too bad. Contacted ebay who also said they “investigated” the complaint and found it unwarrented.(So ebay says too bad.) The seller said I got a great deal. What good is a great deal if you can’t use the stuff? Then they send me a survey. I go on vacation, come back and check my mail.See the survey (ti was 2 weeks old) and now can’t take it, time expired. No more ebay for me.


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